Parents, protesting school boards will NOT work

I admire the persistent parents who spend years fighting to improve their children’s schools. These brave moms and dads show up at every school board meeting and let their concerns be heard against the current indoctrination and brainwashing that can have tragic and lifelong repercussions for their children. Sometimes these parents are even arrested for their views, or have the Department of Justice investigate them. Folks, that’s dedication.

Yet it’s a losing battle.

Why? Because public education is hopeless. It is saturated – top to bottom, in and out, coast to coast – by liberals, and liberals are going to do what they want, no matter how fierce the push-back from those stupid, irritating, ignorant, knuckle-dragging parents.

Recently, for example, “three ‘detransitioned’ young adults called in to a California school board meeting, using their personal experiences with ‘gender affirming care’ to object to the district’s adoption of policies that support transgender ideology. … Although they were only allowed two minutes to speak due to time constraints, each was met with roaring applause from the audience in attendance.”

But it’s water off a duck’s back. Facts don’t matter to liberals, only feeeelings. Who cares if the children under their trust have permanent and life-altering damage? Who cares if minority children can’t read, write, or do math? Push the ideology!

Back in the late ’90s, when our girls were babies, my husband and I saw the handwriting on the wall and knew we could do one of two things: either spend the next 12 years bashing our heads against the immovable brick wall of liberal dominance in public education, or simply school our children at home. We chose the latter and never regretted it.

Public schools don’t even pretend to focus on academic excellence anymore; their sole goal is to make sure children emerge with the proper progressive groupthink. As a result, we have an entire generation of young people unable to read great literature (or often their own diplomas), balance their checkbooks, grasp history, or understand the Scientific Method.

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Seriously, these dedicated parents can look forward to never-ending, non-stop, eternal combat for the 12 or more years their kids are in school. They may win individual battles, but they will never win the war. The corruption starts at the very top – the U.S. Department of Education (which, to my way of thinking, should be dismantled) – an agency that tacitly condones all the skanky goings-on in American education today.

Too many of the resulting young adults are brainwashed twits who think throwing tomato soup on a Van Gogh masterpiece while dressed head to foot in petroleum derivatives is somehow an intelligent and persuasive method of advancing their cause.

Meanwhile, I hardly need remind you, places like China are teaching their children advanced science and mathematics with a goal toward world domination. Their methods are cruel but effective, and they’re not bothered by feeeeelings.

Parents who go to war for their children against the liberal ideology are not just fighting for their own kids, they’re fighting for future kids as well, which is why I admire them. But it’s my opinion that the public educational system is irredeemably broken and can’t be fixed. I recall so many of the excellent teachers I had during my public education years in the 1960s and ’70s – and these fine instructors must be weeping in frustration or turning in their graves to know how bad things have become in the system to which they dedicated their professional lives.

So while I admire (passionately!) the parents who are so involved and vigilant about their local school system, I believe their activism is ultimately futile.

In “The Naked Communist” (written in 1958 by political theorist W. Cleon Skousen), the 45 goals of communism are neatly laid out. (Go read that entire list; it’s both eye-opening and frighteningly, uncannily accurate.) Step 17 asserts: “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.” Sound familiar?

Within teachers unions, observes Larry Sands, “there is certainly the stench of Marxism. We all must realize that no matter their rhetoric, teachers unions are not beneficent organizations that care about children, their parents, taxpayers, or quality education. They are ruthless special-interest groups that will stop at nothing to advance their agenda.”

In fact, a review of these 45 communist goals illustrates how deep into the weeds the public education system is in terms of accomplishing these goals. Those puny irritating parents raising a ruckus at school board meetings are just in the way. Their laughable and pathetic efforts to correct the course of public education certainly won’t make a difference, except perhaps momentarily and at an extremely local level. (/sarc/)

America once boasted a school system that was responsible for making our nation a world leader. No longer. “Recent national student test scores showed a massive decline in learning in reading and math,” notes this article. “This achievement implosion has several explanations – one is the increasing politicization of classroom instruction, which is reducing rigor and diverting attention from improving students’ foundational knowledge and skills.” [Emphasis added.]

Teachers themselves won’t be hired unless they demonstrate allegiance to the cause, and that cause certainly has nothing to do with the education of children. Conservative teachers find themselves increasingly targeted and harassed until they’re forced out of the system.

For concerned parents, your game plan cannot be to turn your children over to communists and beg them not to be communists.

The only option is to starve the beast. If educators have no children to indoctrinate, their plans fail. If homeschooling is impossible, form up a homeschooling co-op, or club up with other concerned parents and hire one of those ousted conservative teachers to form a pod school. Whatever it takes, DO IT. The future of your children depends on it. Those 12 critical years your kids are in school passes in the blink of an eye, and your window of opportunity to shape them into decent adults is short.

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