Pastor criticizes LGBT promotion, church gets evicted from property

(Image by Steffen Zimmermann from Pixabay)
(Image by Steffen Zimmermann from Pixabay)

A Texas church pastor who criticized a local city promotion of the LGBT agenda has found out his congregation is being evicted from a building members had been renting on a month-to-month lease for several years.

The report of the attack on the Christians, apparently for their pastor’s expression of biblical values, is documented at the Federalist.

The report explains the promotion is a mural that drew the criticism of Pastor Bradley J. Helgerson and some members of the Church on the Square.

It was created through a program involving Georgetown Independent School District, the city council and the city’s Arts and Culture Board. They display the work of one student artist a year under a program that allows $500 for that.

The mural this year was designed by a Forbes Middle School student and says, “be your own person” in rainbow text along with “some flowers painted with the transgender, bisexual, non-binary, and other sexual pride flags.”

Helgerson appeared at an April 26 council meeting and called the ideology “an attempt to fundamentally reorder society.” He said the comments were to provide a “theological context for the ideology” behind the project.

According to The Federalist, he said, “Many have been fooled into thinking that such a rebellion against reality is an act of liberation. That when we tear down every norm we will be left with a freer society, that true freedom comes when the shackles of the sacred are removed. But the work of the LGBTQ movement is not the work of liberation, but of liberationists whose desire it is to destroy the societal order itself, precisely because of its demand for conformity.”

He explained, “In other words, it’s not a matter of open-mindedness, but of closed-heartedness to right judgment that is the problem. Therefore, their goal is to remove all judgment, all boundaries, as is testified to by the endless numbers of genders and sexual orientations they affirm.”

The mural, he said, is “a piece of propaganda for an ideology that seeks to destroy Western civilization and to use our children as its foot soldiers.”

Two church members also expressed criticism of the LGBT promotion.

Within days, The Federalist reported, Helgerson got notice from Palace Theatre spokesman Ron Watson evicting the church of the facilities it had been renting.

Cited only were “resource management issues.”

Helgerson asked for an explanation, but got none. The report said the theater is run by a non-profit with close ties to the Arts and Culture Board. One Palace director also is on the Arts and Culture Board.

Watson told a church member to pick up the church’s audiovisual equipment, and church members found a check refunding their May payment when they arrived.

“It was highly suspicious,” Helgerson told The Federalist. “The way that it was terminated just made no sense. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, we changed our mind, we’ll give you until the end of the month’ or, ‘Here’s why…,’ or anything, it was just an immediate cutting off, giving us absolutely no chance of finding a place for our Mother’s Day service.”

The report said the church has been using a courthouse lawn for its services, and several other churches have supported the members.

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