Patriots' apathy is destroying America

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel as though so much is happening, coming at you, that you just want it all to stop? Are you sitting there with your hands over your eyes, ears, and mouth like those famous three monkeys?

Well, apathy is what got us to the this point. Apathy about election fraud got Biden, two U.S. senators from Georgia and one senator from Michigan elected. And additional apathy will just make it all worse. We patriotic Americans tolerated socialists, leftists, BLM, Antifa, the deep state, oligarchs and a whole slew of anti-Americans to corrupt our country and steal the 2020 elections – and that tolerance can no longer be tolerated. Tolerance of evil can no longer be tolerated. The survival of the USA is at stake.

The huge decline of Biden’s approval rating is not just about Afghanistan, as several pundits are trying to make us believe. His approval numbers were falling before Kabul did.

Look at the whole: Consumer confidence is at a 10-year low. High inflation. High oil prices. No more American energy independence. A vaccine program that requires booster shots. More government mandates over COVID. No one holding China accountable for the Wuhan lab virus. Oligarchs making more fortunes from increasing stock prices while average-worker paychecks are not keeping up with inflation.

Critical Race Theory mandates in our federal government, military and public schools. Potential election fraud not investigated. A $29 trillion federal debt. A $1.2 trillion infrastructure package that is not about infrastructure. Another $3.5 trillion for “woke” legislation. Ten times more illegal immigrants than before Biden took office (2.5 million expected in 2021 with even more in 2022). Huge crime waves in cities controlled by Democrats. Pandering to foreign leaders instead of putting America first. Continued decline from the results of our education system. The list is long – again, it’s not just about Afghanistan.

And how did it all happen? American patriots let it happen. Apathy. Appeasement. Tolerance. Compromising American values. And things will just get worse if patriots continue to sit there with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouths like the trio of monkeys.

What is the first thing to do to stop apathy from destroying America? We the People need to force “our” elected representatives to appoint a Mueller-type of prosecutor to investigate the possible 2020 election fraud. Without fair, credible, honest elections, all else is lost.

Then elect congressmen and senators who will not capitulate to the left and are not establishment politicians disguising themselves as conservatives in name only. Here are the key issues:

  • Better border security to reduce illegal immigrants by 90%
  • Reduced government spending
  • Elimination of Critical Race Theory, affirmative action and any programs that divide Americans by race
  • Better election security by demanding voter ID and eliminating Dominion machines, unsolicited mail-out of ballots and ballot harvesting
  • A military focused on the best defense of America above all else
  • More oil availability/independence
  • Continued low taxes for all Americans and corporations
  • Stopping criminals, reducing crime, supporting our police
  • Putting the interests of America first when dealing with foreign countries and immigration
  • Seeing China as an enemy, economically, politically and spiritually (Those companies that outsource to China are committing treason)
  • Make educators teach our children to read, write and do math, until they’re the best in the world.

Now, if you continue to sit there seeing nothing, hearing nothing and saying nothing, then you deserve nothing. You deserve Biden and the Democratic agenda. You deserve the future that apathy will bring.

How has that worked out so far?

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