Polling lines up bad news for Biden, only 36% approve of his work

Biden crumples after reporters question him on Marines killed in Afghansistan, August 2021 (video screenshot)
Biden crumples after reporters question him on Marines killed in Afghansistan, August 2021 (video screenshot)

Yet another poll has confirmed that Americans are fed up with Joe Biden.

Whether it’s his constant verbal stumbles, their suspicions of an encounter with dementia, his border crisis, his inflation, his pro-abortion moves, his Afghanistan pullout disaster or something else, they are saying they’ve had enough.

This time it’s the Quinnipiac University national poll that reveals only 36% of the respondents give him a positive approval rating. A majority 53% are on the other side.

“It’s the lowest job approval rating he’s received in a Quinnipiac University national poll. In mid-October, he received a negative 37-52 percent job approval rating,” the polling report said.

The negative assessment of Biden from Quinnipiac, however, falls into line with other poll results recently.

WND reported that a USA TODAY/Suffolk poll said Biden’s support was at a “new low” of 38%.

“Republicans hold a clear lead on the congressional ballot as President Joe Biden’s approval rating sinks to a new low of 38%,” the poll report said recently. “A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, found that Biden’s support cratered among the independent voters who delivered his margin of victory over President Donald Trump one year ago.”

It was only days earlier that a Zogby Analytics poll described him as “sinking like the Titanic” with an approval rating of 36%. And an earlier Quinnipiac poll on the issue put him at 38%, then a few days later dropped that to 37%.

Quinnipiac’s new results showed that Biden is getting the approval of only 4% of Republicans, 29% of independents and 87% of Democrats, which fully reveals the political chasm that has developed in America under Biden, who promised the nation, while a candidate, he would bring “unity.”

“On four separate issues, Biden receives his lowest grades so far on each of them. Americans were asked about his handling of… the response to the coronavirus: 45 percent approve, while 50 percent disapprove; climate change: 41 percent approve, while 48 percent disapprove; the economy: 34 percent approve, while 59 percent disapprove; foreign policy: 33 percent approve, while 55 percent disapprove,” the poll said.

Also, 47% of respondents said Biden does not care about average Americans, 51% say he is not honest and 57% say he does not have good leadership skills.

On the topic of Congress, the new poll said Americans 46%-38% want the Republican Party to win control of the House, and 46%-40% want the GOP to win control of the Senate.

“An ominous double whammy for the Democrats with midterms less than a year out. The Senate and the House will be up for grabs and voters want the GOP to win the jump ball,” explained Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

In fact, the poll said that very division is the biggest concern for many Americans.

“In an open-ended question, allowing for any answer, Americans were asked what they thought was the most important problem facing the country today. Americans’ most frequent responses are… Division/Polarization: 11 percent; The economy: 10 percent; Immigration/Border security: 8 percent; Inflation/High cost of living: 8 percent.”

Forty-six percent responded that the GOP is the best party to handle those issues; only 36% said the Democrats.

About 60% say the nation’s economy is getting worse and 70% say they’ve changed their buying habits because of inflation under Biden.

The poll surveyed 1,378 U.S. adults nationwide from November 11-15 with a margin of error of +/- 2.6 percentage points.

Commentator Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner pointed out, about the failing support for Biden, “President Joe Biden’s crashing polling numbers appear to have no end as he fumbles with the border crisis, a 13-year high in inflation, and the threat of empty toy shelves on Christmas Eve.”

He pointed out other polls have shown similarly low approval ratings. “Worse, some polls show that Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump in a new election and that even Biden voters have ‘remorse’ over their 2020 choice,” he said.

WND also reported on a poll that revealed not even half of Americans believe him to be “mentally fit” to be president.

The results come from Politico, which put a positive spin on the Politico/Morning Consult poll results by explain it shows “just 44% of voters approve of Biden’s job performance, and 46% say he’s ‘mentally fit.'”

The report explained in actuality, 50% disagree that Biden is “in good health,” 10 points higher than those who believe he is.

That’s “a massive 29-point shift since October 2020, when Morning Consult last surveyed the question and found voters believed Biden was in good health by a 19-point margin,” the report said.

“Asked whether Biden is mentally fit, voters are almost evenly split, with 46 percent saying he is and 48 percent disagreeing. But that negative 2-point margin stands in stark contrast to Biden’s numbers last October, when voters believed he was mentally fit by a 21-point margin,” it said.

Politico explained the questions are part of a battery of attributes about which voters were asked regarding Biden – the same questions asked about President Trump during his presidency.

“The new polling comes amid persistent questions about whether Biden — who turns 79 on Saturday — will run for reelection in three years and as Democrats have grown increasingly concerned with the party’s gerontocracy. Biden says he will run again, but some longtime allies have raised doubts. Even ‘Saturday Night Live’ recently ribbed Biden over whether he was ‘lucid,'” the report noted.

The report cited the voters’ “increasing doubts about the health and mental fitness of President Joe Biden.”

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