Pollsters say current trends suggest 'landslide' in 2024 presidential race

President Donald J. Trump arrives on stage at the Protecting America’s Seniors event Friday, Oct. 16, 2020, at the Caloosa Sound Convention Center & Amphitheater in Fort Myers, Florida. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

The border crisis. Inflation, Afghanistan. Election integrity. Election takeovers. Looming debt and budget crises.

America has not lacked for opportunity to watch President Biden’s decision-making capabilities. Or lack.

This all is happening at a time when his public appearances are plagued with gaffes, blunders and even “kill the mic” shutdowns by his handlers.

So it’s no surprise that a new poll shows that a majority of voters agree with the statement, “It takes a tough man to be a good president. When I see how weak Biden is, I’m coming to appreciate Trump more and I’m thinking we need a bit more of Trump’s toughness right now.”

Even 27% of Democrat likely voters agreed and 23% of 2020 Biden voters.

The polling comments come from John and Jim McLaughlin in a column at Newsmax, where they warned the statements all taken together, show that, “if the 2024 election for president was a do over between Biden and Trump, Trump wins decisively 50%-47%.”

“This would translate into a Trump electoral landslide in the next presidential election,” they wrote.

The McLaughlins explained their polling shows “America’s likely voters are souring on President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party as a whole.”

“Our McLaughlin September National Poll indicates that as Americans suffer under President Joe Biden’s dismal policies on everything from the economy, to the border, and foreign policy, likely voters are pining for Donald Trump’s return in 2024.”

Those voters, they explained, are not even confident Biden will finish out his four years, with 60% expecting him to drop out at some point.

If it’s Vice President Harris at the top of the Democrat ticket, some 29% of likely voters would support her.

“In terms of a potential 2024 GOP primary and national election, as President Biden’s big government socialist policies fail, Donald Trump’s support only grows stronger amongst the electorate,” the report said. “Seventy-one percent of all Republican likely voters, including independents who vote in Republican primaries, want to see President Trump run again in 2024.”

And if Trump is running, 84% of Republican primary voters will support him.

“In the wake of Joe Biden’s failures, voter opinions about President Trump seem to be re-evaluating as buyer’s remorse is setting in among them,” the report said.

A majority of likely voters also agreed with: “I used to dislike Trump’s aggressive, confrontational style, but now that I see how weak Biden was in dealing with the Taliban in Afghanistan, I’m thinking maybe Trump wasn’t so bad.”

And 60% lined up with the statement: “Say what you will about Donald Trump, but we had very low inflation, less illegal immigration, gas prices were much lower and – until things exploded after George Floyd’s murder – there was much less crime when he was President.”

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