Pompeo calls for Congress to block Biden's Tehran appeasement

(Image courtesy Unsplash)
(Image courtesy Unsplash)

Joe Biden spent eight years in the Barack Obama administration, as vice president.

Now, it seems, he insists on repeating the mistakes made back then.

That’s according to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, now senior counsel for global affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice.

On Friday, he wrote how those mistakes, specifically concerning Iran, are imperiling America’s national security.

“Joe Biden is proving that he is determined to repeat the mistakes of the Obama administration by revitalizing the broken nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism,” he said. “The Biden administration’s intentions are based on the absurd assumption that Iran can be a trustworthy partner and that such a deal would bring stability to the region and a regime change in Iran.”

He explained Iran’s regime hasn’t been trustworthy since it was created in 1979 “when it seized power in a bloody revolution and took American diplomats hostage.”

In the days and years since, it has only “continued to spread the mayhem and terror that it was born in. Iranian Qods Force operatives, under the direction of now-deceased Qasem Soleimani, killed hundreds of U.S. servicemen with roadside bombs in Iraq. The proxies it funds – Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria, Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank, and the Houthi rebels in Yemen – all engage in terror attacks resulting in the deaths of civilians. The destabilizing influence Iran retains through these groups directly imperils innocent lives from Israel to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

Biden now wants to rebuild an international agreement with Iran, lift sanctions on the terror regime, and more.

He would be “directly granting billions of dollars to the regime,” Pompeo said.

The action also would make liars of Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, who both “promised in their confirmation hearings that they would not remove any terror-related sanctions.”

Pompeo said Iran is a serial treaty violator and that’s part of why the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was created by Obama. It came about because Iran was “caught cheating on its pledge to not pursue nuclear weapons under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty,” he said.

Now, he warned, “The Biden administration has decided to coddle a regime that works toward the destruction of America, Israel, and all our allies and partners. Even as Iran has doubled its efforts to enrich uranium and develop facilities that someday will be used to build nuclear weapons, President Biden has decided that it is more urgent to cut a deal with them, rather than hit them with even tougher sanctions.”

Pompeo said obviously Republicans oppose Biden’s efforts, but so do 18 Democrats in Congress and virtually all of the nations in the Middle East.

He said what’s important now is for Congress to block Biden’s appeasement of the terrorists in Iran.

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