Preventing a 2nd American Revolution

It’s mind-boggling that a mere 10% of the American colonists participated in the American Revolution yet defeated the British Empire, the most powerful governing force on earth.

Empires rise, and empires decline, sometimes from without, other times from within.

Can you guess what world power rose, then crumbled from within? This powerful empire allowed the erosion of its borders. They overspent, over-taxed and sustained supply problems, coupled with debilitating inflation. If you guessed the Roman Empire, you are correct.

These symptoms of a declining empire sound eerily similar to a certain modern nation-state. Without disclosing the name, her initials are U.S.

Economic and societal forces bear on both good and evil empires, just as the law of gravity applies to all. Put another way: It rains on the just and the unjust.

Yes, the mighty Roman Empire did not die at the hands of another great power. Instead, it was death by a thousand paper cuts – inflicted by far smaller people groups: Goths and Vandals. Rome crumbled from within. They essentially lost the will to exist.

The Soviet Union broke apart after the collapse of one of its borders: the Berlin Wall. How different is this from the current state of the U.S.? Do we have the will to exist?

There are reports of the largest-ever caravan march from our southern neighbors, currently estimated at 50,000 but which conceivably could end up at 70,000 people as it picks up steam. So what would stop these people from crossing the U.S. border when they reach it? Indeed, not an unfinished wall.

What’s more, Biden and the “progressives” behind him have practically rolled out a welcome mat for prior “undocumented Democrats” with an attitude of “The more, the merrier. We’ll show those darned Republican Trump lovers a thing or two.” What’s more, the Biden administration has reportedly considered paying $450,000 per person to immigrants separated at the border.

That’s like wondering why a stray animal keeps showing up on your porch when you keep throwing red meat at it while yelling, “Take this, go away, and stay away.” Instead of heeding your words, it responds to your actions and “inexplicably” brings its entire family to live with you.

Move the decimal point over two places. Then, when word gets out (Oh, it’s out) that you potentially can “earn” more money in a single payout than you could earn back home in your lifetime, what’s to stop 70 million from marching to the Land of Milk and Money to get their “fair share”?

Think about it. The population of Central America is 275 million people. Add to it the 425 million people of South America, and you have 700 million.

What’s 10% of 700 million? It’s 70 million.

The U.S. Constitution says it is up to the Executive Branch to enforce the laws. Can we trust top executive occupant Joe Biden to hold that line against a 70-million-person rush?

It’s kind of like the original California gold rush. “There’s gold in dem dar northern hills … and no one to stop us from getting our share!”

So, while it may seem cruel to some that a nation would protect its borders, it’s necessary to do if we’d like to keep our republic. Lest we forget, what defines a country? It’s borders. But that’s the problem; Biden and Bernie and their liberal ilk don’t want walls around our republic. They don’t even like the United States of America to remain a republic. Do you?

So, when you see all those pictures of mothers separated from their children at the border, images the mainstream media will feel compelled to flash on screen from smartphones to wide screens, know this: We are a republic with borders and laws that are there for a reason: Our Survival. If we make it until July 4, 2026, the United States will turn 250 years old, a quarter of a millennium – a milestone, again, if we make it till then.

Three questions remain: Will our nation still be around by our anniversary? Why will it look like by then? Finally, who among us has the resolve to hold the line against an impending second American Revolution?

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