Prof: Stating biological facts will get you 'hate mail'

Stating a biological fact is certain to get the speaker “hate mail,” these days.

That’s according to a former vice chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University.

The comment comes from Lord Robert Winston, a Labour life peer, who also is Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies in Imperial College London.

He was asked his thoughts on speech in light of the recent harassment of gender-critical feminist Kathleen Stock, who has been targeted with a campaign of activists trying to remove her from her job because she follows the biological science that men cannot become women.

According to a report from the Christian Institute, Winston said, “I’m about to say something which will mean you’ll probably want to edit the program when I finish.”

He was on a program called Question Time.

“I will say this categorically, that you cannot change your sex. Your sex actually is there in every single cell in the body,” he said.

“We are very confused about this unfortunately and regrettably, it’s got into this argument that people will now accuse me of being transphobic.”

He added, “Unfortunately you can’t say this publicly, this is one of the big problems. Even saying this on this program undoubtedly will result in my getting a huge amount of hate mail, it always does.”

He said of course people should be accepted as they are.

“Overall I think it’s a very sad thing that we can’t discuss biological science without actually getting completely caught up emotionally in something that is just really completely wrong,” he explained.

The comments come as both the United Kingdom and United States are in the heat of a war brought by transgenders and LGBT activists against those who adhere to the scientific – and biblical – belief that sex, or gender, are established even before birth and cannot be changed.

The Biden administration has taken on some extreme positions – promoting school decisions to let boys who say they are girls into girls restrooms and showers, and the like.

In fact, exactly this dispute has gone to the highest levels of government, including the Department of Justice and the White House now, following an incident where a father was manhandled and arrested after protesting a Virginia school superintendent.

That superintendent had claimed that there had been no reports of issues with transgender boys going into girls’ private facilities on campus – when the father knew that his daughter allegedly had been sexually assaulted by a boy wearing a skirt at her school.

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