Professor promotes death wish for political opponents

Another leftist in America has gone public with a wish to destroy – literally – Republicans.

It’s long been known that Democrats and progressives advocate for the deaths of their political opponents – and one Bernie Sanders supporter shot and seriously injured Republican Rep. Steve Scalise just a few years ago.

And the rhetoric has been off the charts in many cases, with repeated claims that President Donald Trump was, in fact, a “Hitler.”

Now it’s a professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

Campus Reform reported that Dan Johnson, a teacher in the campus School of Health and Applied Human Sciences, posted on Facebook on May 17, “Blow Up Republicans.”

It was later taken down, but multiple students confirmed to Campus Reform its validity.

There’s like to be no punishment, the report said, as Andrea Monroe Weaver, a communications official there, said the school “was made aware of the post and has appropriately addressed it.”

The school assured Campus Reform Johnson will be teaching in the fall.

“However, one former student of Johnson’s, Haylie Davis, told Campus Reform that she doesn’t feel like the situation is being handled properly,” the report said.

‘Putting away any personal political preference aside, I think this matter should be addressed and dealt in the same manner that it would be if the word ‘Republican’ was replaced with any other word. If the post stated ‘Blow up women,’ ‘Blow up homosexuals,’ ‘Blow up Catholics,’ etc,” Davis said.

She continued, “He not only represents a major university in the state of North Carolina, but he also represents a program of the university that prides itself in inclusivity. That statement is not something that represents an inclusive and accepting environment. In his position, political preference should not be expressed in such an aggressive manner that lacks the ’empathy’ that is expected and valued in today’s society and on college campuses.”

The New York Post reported just days ago a psychiatrist in New York, Aruna Khilanani, “spewed” to a Yale audience her fantasies of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way.”

She also said she’s walk away from the shooting “with a bounce in my step.”

Constitutional expert Jonathan Turley explained the comment from the professor likely is protected by the First Amendment

But he noted Davis had a good point, because while comments sometimes advocating violence against Republicans, police and conservatives routinely are posted, and essentially ignored, those with “countervailing views” routinely are “investigated, suspended, and sanctioned.”

“Some intolerant statements against students are deemed free speech while others are deemed hate speech or the basis for university action. There is a lack of consistency or uniformity in these actions which turn on the specific groups left aggrieved by out-of-school comments. There is also a tolerance of faculty and students tearing down fliers and stopping the speech of conservatives. Indeed, even faculty who assaulted pro-life advocates was supported by faculty and lionized for her activism,” he explained.

He pointed out, “It is not just universities. Almost on the one-year anniversary of its condemning its own publication of a column by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. (and forcing out its own editor), the New York Times published an academic columnist who previously defended the killing of conservative protesters.”

But an analysis by WND Vice President and Managing Editor David Kupelian revealed how aggressive is the agenda to demonize conservatives, like President Trump.

He cited President Biden as one of the leading offenders, explaining how Biden stated, “Close your eyes. Remember what you saw on television. Remember seeing those neo-Nazis and Klansmen and white supremacists coming out of a field with lighted torches, veins bulging, spewing the same anti-Semitic bile heard across Europe in the ’30s. Remember the violent clash that ensued, between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it. And remember what the president said when asked. He said there were, quote, very fine people on both sides. That was a wake-up call for us as a country.”

But the statement is a lie, and has been refuted numerous times, including by those on the left like Jake Tapper.

Kupelian found that such “blatant dishonesty” is just part of a pattern of Democrats repeatedly tying Trump to Hitler, “the single most detested genocidal monster in human history.”

Some other incidents he cited:

  • Recently when Portland’s Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse was under nightly siege from violent radicals attempting to burn down the federal building – while full of employees – President Trump exercised his legal right and duty to dispatch federal law enforcement agents to help secure the building, since Portland’s police were restrained from doing their job. In response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “The use of stormtroopers under the guise of law and order is a tactic that is not appropriate to our country in any way.”
  • House Majority Whip James Clyburn made the same comparison in a CNN interview, likening federal law enforcement in Portland to Nazi Germany’s dreaded Gestapo police force. “This president and this attorney general seem to be doing everything they possibly can to impose Gestapo activities in local communities,” he said.
  • Even before he was elected, throughout the election year of 2016, no fewer than five different Washington Post writers likened candidate Donald Trump to Hitler – including essayist Shalom Auslander’s “Don’t compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It belittles Hitler” and a column by Richard Cohen, a Post political writer for five decades, headlined “Trump’s Hitlerian disregard for the truth.”
  • When Trump won the election and was sworn in, MSNBC host Chris Matthews said his inauguration speech was “Hitlerian.”

Kupelian wrote that “Democrat politicians and media hacks continually compared Trump to Hitler, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to Nazi guards, and border detention facilities to ‘concentration camps’ where children – in the words of socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – are ‘locked in cages’ and forced to ‘drink from toilets.'”

Other offenders include “Beto” O’Rourke, who “likened the Trump administration to ‘the Third Reich’ on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.'”

He said there should be a warning perceived in that rhetoric.

“Consider that the only truly moral and courageous response to the real Adolf Hitler during the real Third Reich was to try to kill him. There were 16 known plots to assassinate Hitler, and all of the participants – who were eventually executed, including the beloved Lutheran pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, hanged by the Nazis for his role in the ’20 July plot’ – are today universally regarded as heroes and martyrs. Therefore, comparing Trump to Hitler constitutes an insidious invitation to any of the countless violent leftwing crazies out there to attempt to assassinate the president, just like the ‘Bernie Bro’ who shot at multiple Republican congressmen at a 2017 charity baseball practice, almost killing and gravely wounding Rep. Steve Scalise,” he wrote.

He explained, “In a civilizational battle against an almost supernaturally evil psychopath like Adolf Hitler, the normal rules of civil society are suspended. If you had lived in Nazi Germany during the Third Reich, would you have illegally stuffed the ballot box (if hypothetically such an opportunity presented itself) to remove Hitler? Of course you would; any other response would be immoral. Would you have lied, cheated and stolen if it would have defeated Hitler and saved millions of lives? Of course you would. Anything less would have been selfish and cowardly. All the usual rules would be suspended; after all, you’re at war, behind enemy lines, and as Sun Tzu famously said, ‘War is deception.'”

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