Proof that Big Tech and America's 'free press' is a sham!

“Bot” – an autonomous program on the internet or another network that can interact with systems or users.

You’ve probably heard the news that Elon Musk is having second thoughts about his deal to purchase Twitter for $44 billion.

But maybe you don’t understand why.

He is questioning Twitter’s claims that “bots” represent less than 5% of the company’s accounts. Musk now believes “bots” make up many times that number of Twitter users, in other words, that they’re fake accounts. The question is: Why would Twitter deny it holds ownership of up to 20% of “bots” – perhaps even more?

The answer, of course, is that Twitter would not be worth $44 billion. This theory is not just of interest to Elon Musk. It goes to the heart of what many have suspected about Twitter and the rest of Big Tech – that all of it is vastly overpriced.

That could mean, in turn, that Big Tech – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple – may not only be something of an “empty shell,” but something even more sinister. It could be something either devised by the government, by the “Deep State,” or created in cooperation and coordination with the permanent D.C. government, designed to control Americans’ First Amendment rights, to control the media entirely. I’m talking about something much more powerful than our elected representatives.

This is a real threat. It’s not my paranoia. It’s not just my theory.

This is the reason it will be necessary for this monolithic monster, this beast, to be taken on if and when we’re ever allowed to have free elections again and take America back, restore our freedom of the press and freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Let me remind you of a few facts.

The election of President Donald Trump in 2016 was a shock to the Democratic Party – it wasn’t supposed to happen. Immediately, the permanent ruling class pursued a tremendous amount of repression, tyranny and conspiracy theories. The Democratic Party began to bare its hideous teeth, major American cities burned, people lied furiously about Trump and all those who supported him, WND included. It began late in the campaign for his 2016 election, and ended with Trump being twice impeached and scandalized more than any previous president. Then came the Big Steal. Then came the “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol.

Then came the nightmare of Joe Biden. We all know he hasn’t been calling the shots. He’s a figurehead; I won’t belabor that. Everybody has lived through the last two years. America has never been worse off. Everybody can see it clearly for themselves.

Now we are close to the midterm elections. It won’t be easy for them to lie to us – even with the help of Big Tech.

That means Democrats, the media, the corporate state, George Soros and the billionaire class, the anti-American left and the Republican RINOS still in power in the Senate have their work cut out for them. They must overcome what has become the majority – “the Ultra-MAGA Deplorables,” to coin a new cliché.

I’ve been telling you all about Big Tech since 2016. I’ve become something of an expert on it because it’s become an obsession for me. I hope it’s one for Donald Trump, too. Remember what Twitter did to him?

They dropped him, the sitting president of the United States, from Twitter – for life! They said the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation – during an election year when Trump was debating Joe Biden.

What Big Tech did to me personally was ruin my life. At the time I was battling them ferociously I was going broke and having five strokes. You wouldn’t believe how they libeled me, slandering me and my dedicated staffers.

Amazon destroyed our book and film division, which meant a lot to some of the biggest and best authors and many of our beloved fans.

YouTube and Google DEMONETIZED WND – totally and for life. That is how they try to break you. All this cost me many millions of dollars because they have monopolies on both advertising revenue and the platform to utilize that revenue. That was a kill shot! We’ve been canceled, blacklisted, humiliated.

But God pulled us through all that.

After building one of the biggest, most successful Christian, conservative news sites in the world over 25 years ago – I’M STILL HERE! My most critical staffers are still here – some of the finest journalists that can’t be bought. There’s not much more Big Tech can do to hurt us – unless you don’t help us.

WND now is almost entirely reader-sponsored. And although we can’t do everything we once did, like publishing books and movies and such, we can still bring you the most important and rarest of commodities in today’s corrupt news world – we can bring you the TRUTH! Every day – as we have for the last quarter century. We can bring you the news that really and truly matters to the future of our beloved country. And that’s something!

But we’re dependent on YOU!

Bottom line: In order for us to keep going and not sink into a major crisis, we need to raise a minimum of $100,000 by the end of June – over-and-above our normal expenses. If you can, please support us in providing a real voice for God and country.

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Thank you for listening. And may God bless you!

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