Rittenhouse? 'It's the New Yorker and CNN that are the vigilantes'

I like Attorney Alan Dershowitz more every day.

He’s an honest lawyer and an old-fashioned liberal – in the best sense of the word.

Dershowitz steps up for right 99% of the time.

He reminds me of my old, dearly departed colleague Nat Hentoff – a man I admired because he always stood up for the First Amendment and had the privilege of being fired by the Village Voice, eventually coming to write for WND, one of his favorite sites.

You know what Dershowitz said the other day?

It’s a classic.

Sick of seeing young Kyle Rittenhouse, on trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, getting trashed on all the left-wing shows, he said: “CNN and some of the other TV stations have become vigilantes. They’re the vigilantes, not Rittenhouse.”

I wish I said that.

In an interview with Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak, the Harvard law professor emeritus said a lot more:

“They’re the ones who want to put not the thumb, but the elbow on the scale of justice,” he added. “They want to influence the outcome of this case, and there are others who are threatening violence if there is anything but convictions in this case, as they threatened violence in previous cases and will in subsequent cases unless something is done about it.”

And then he added a twist, “It’s the New Yorker and CNN that are the vigilantes. They’re the ones who are trying to influence justice without regard to [the] evidence or the law.

“[Rittenhouse] should be acquitted. The jury should not even be able to consider the attempted murder of the guy who would admitted on the witness stand he pointed a gun at him before was shot in the shoulder. That is a clear case of self-defense – no doubt about it – and it should never go to the jury.”

CNN operates as the communications arm of “the mob,” Dershowitz held. “The fear is that we’ve turned our criminal system over to the mob, CNN being part of the mob.”

Again, he stressed, “I hope [Rittenhouse] is acquitted. He shouldn’t be convicted based on the evidence that I’ve seen.”

“Oliver Wendell Holmes once said reason can’t be expected in the presence of an uplifted knife, and what about in the presence of guns and skateboards and other threats?” Dershowitz asked, before expanding on the theme, adding, “that was the same thing with the (George) Zimmerman case, where Zimmerman had his head bashed against the concrete before he grabbed the gun and shot and he killed (Trayvon Martin). In that case, I also said there should be an acquittal, and there was.”

When I think about Dershowitz, I see a classic liberal – the kind I can admire. Just like Nat Hentoff. These men are a dying breed. I wish it were not so. He’s a brilliant constitutional lawyer – a faithful American.

Imagine someone like this teaching at Harvard Law School from 1964 through 2013, where he was appointed as the Felix Frankfurter professor of law in 1993.

It’s inconceivable that he could do that today – not because he’s changed, but because of society has!

Dershowitz is also one of the most vocal critics of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple – the rest of the Big Tech hoodlums. They are turning into America’s worst blacklisters. Maybe we should refer to them as vigilantes, too. They’re actually more like vigilantes than CNN. They make their own rules – to hell with the First Amendment!

If I could have a pro bono lawyer of my choice, his name would be Alan Morton Dershowitz. And we would have such a field day going after Google!

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