Roe, Roe, Roe your boat … the 'stream' is getting clearer

Can we count on the swing of the pendulum? Does it follow that its arc to the left reaches a limit, a moment of inertia, beyond which the force that propelled it is spent, and it can only pause and begin its inevitable swing to the right?

It would seem by all observations to be an immutable natural law, but there is an exception. In human affairs there is more than a play of energy, mass and gravity. History shows us that before the swing reaches its apex, those riding it on its left take aim at the clockwork itself. In Russia’s case, it took 70 years before the natural rhythm was reasserted.

The pendulum swings, the ocean gives us its ebb and flow, and the seasons show us all that is cyclical.

But the radiance of the sun is a constant, and God’s calling to goodness and obedience is a constant. Minus the sun there is no life. And all that is beyond God’s will is subject to destruction. God, in the Old Testament, said, “I have set before you life and death … therefore choose life” (Deuteronomy 30:19). In the New Testament, the offer to all who have chosen sin and death is, through repentance, a resurrection and a new rebirth in Christ.

A new nation, founded upon biblical principle and sustained through a strong faith in our Lord, held its ground for the most part, for a century and a half, and then surrendered its choice of life. It cheated God of the full expression of 60-some million souls, and His wrath has been falling plainly upon us ever since.

Imps and demons have been clattering about in the clockwork, with any tool they can manage, “by any means necessary,” seeking the mainspring and nearing it with glee. But a righteous defeat has befallen their cause, and they are distracted and awash with fear, while the hopeful and prayerful are blessed with a glimmer of light. What is next, Lord? they whisper. Could it be that the time has come that we will begin to speak out with the fullness of our God-given voices?

Will America rise and say to the evil one that we will no longer be kept silent, letting your armies devour our young?

Yes, we will lift up the name of our Lord without fear, and leave fear to the cup of those who deny Him.

We will not let you, Satan, destroy the sacred institution of marriage and give us generations of fatherless children. We will not let you addle the minds of our children with vile propaganda and lies, and we will not for a moment be passive to your efforts to groom them for lives of perversion and misery.

We will not be homophobic or transphobic or Islamophobic. We will not fear a communist under every rock. We will simply turn the rocks over. We will celebrate the supremacy of God’s creation of man and woman and the verity of biblical truth, and ensure those godless surrealisms are kept from our youth and banished from the public square.

Are these all things that the swing of the pendulum might bring us? Pray.

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