Rudy Giuliani: The 1st victim in a leftist political purge

Question: What’s the difference between one of America’s most respected prosecutors (and most successful mayors) and a disgraced attorney chased out of the legal profession for his rabble-rousing mendacity?

Answer: five years of Trump.

Why “five years of Trump”?

Because our nation’s jarring experience with Trumpism was enough to convince leftists to throw all notions of fairness and tolerance out the window, and to dedicate themselves to the obliteration of their political enemies by any and all means necessary, including disbarring their rivals for exercising their right of free speech, and obstructing the access of conservatives to legal representation. It’s part of the left’s new scorched earth approach to self-empowerment and totalitarian dominion. Worse, it’s just beginning. We can expect even more egregious acts of persecution to follow.

The decision of five judges of the New York Supreme Court to suspend the law license of Rudy Giuliani is an outrage. It is viewpoint discrimination, pure and simple. It presages a political purge of the legal profession that would, if carried to its logical conclusion, be fatal to American democracy. The law and the justice system would become playthings in the hands of neo-Marxists, notable mainly for their searing contempt for all forms of dissent. It would be only a matter of time, in fact, before these fanatics would turn the weapons of disbarment, censorship, intimidation and worse on each other. American politics would become a circular firing squad. “Cancel culture” would, in due course, erase every one of us.

These five judges allege that Rudy Giuliani made false statements about the election of Joe Biden to the presidency, and these statements “damage the proper functioning of a free society.” They further allege that Giuliani’s statements “directly inflamed tensions” that contributed to the lawlessness at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

That is a stretch. As Jonathan Turley – no fan of Giuliani – demonstrates, “America’s Mayor” was no more guilty of inciting the Capitol riot than countless Democratic lawyers and politicians were of fostering the BLM riots of 2020.

Were some of Giuliani’s claims about the 2020 election false? Absolutely. Lawyers make false statements routinely. Whether Giuliani made these statements in error, or in bad faith, however, is something only Giuliani himself can know for sure. And it is something that the Supreme Court of New York barely bothered to investigate.

Meanwhile, we might ask these questions: How many Democrats made false statements about the 2016 presidential election, with the intention of casting doubt on the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s victory? How many Democrats made false statements about Donald Trump’s supposed subservience to Vladimir Putin, with an eye to portraying the sitting president of the United States as a traitor? How many Democrats made false statements about the 2018 gubernatorial election in Georgia, and continue to deny that Brian Kemp is that state’s rightful governor? How many Democrats continue to make false statements about the content of the various election integrity bills under consideration in state legislatures? (Biden himself misinformed the American public about Georgia’s law.) And, lastly, how many Democratic lawyers/politicians have faced discipline for these infractions, which similarly “damage the proper functioning of a free society”?

Answer: none.

Rudy Giuliani faces persecution for the simple reason that his advocacy of the rights and interests of Donald Trump and Trump supporters offends the Democratic elite. The suspension of his law license is illegitimate and wrong, therefore. Republicans, conservatives and lovers of liberty in general should see it for what it is: a direct attack on our constitutional rights and freedoms, and an effort to silence us.

We must stand with Rudy, therefore, while we still can.

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