School sued for forcing student to read obscene script


The school assignment was for students to write a script, and then another student would be forced to read it.

But a lawsuit has been filed because after a student was coerced into reading offensive material, for a grade, the school board shut down her mother while reading the same script at a school board meeting.

It was determined to be “too explicit to be read in public,” according to a report from the American Center for Law and Justice, which is representing the family.

The report from the ACLJ’s Jordan Sekulow explained a student in a Las Vegas area school “was forced to perform a profanity-laced, sexually explicit, and obscene monologue before the entire class as a graded assignment.”

But then the school board banned her mother, even shutting off her mike, from reading the same words to them.

“Public schools are entrusted with millions of children across the United States; and we would expect that, at a minimum, they would not sexualize our children in the name of education. Unfortunately, however, Nevada’s Clark County School District (CCSD) violated its duty to our clients, Candra and Terrell Evans, when a teacher required their child to perform a sexually explicit and obscene monologue for a graded assignment,” the ACLJ reported.

It happened in March 2022, when the 15-year-old daughter, R.E., was forced to read a “sexually explicit” monologue, written by another student, in front of the class.

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The monologue cannot be reproduced in WND, but a heavily edit excerpt includes: “I don’t love you. It’s not you, it’s just (looks down) your —-. I don’t like your —- or any —- in that case.”

The monologue goes on to express the writer’s lesbian lifestyle.

The teacher never informed the parents, nor sought permission, before requiring the student to read publicly the assignment.

“The students were told to pick up a folded script from a pile, blindly, and could only reject a script one time with no exceptions. Unfortunately, R.E. had already put back the first script she picked up because it was from a male perspective. So, when she picked up this second monologue, she was required to read it – and could not object. She had no choice, and she trusted that the teacher, who had edited it, wouldn’t make her read something inappropriate. She also did not understand some of the sexual content of the script and knew her grade depended on performing the pornographic monologue,” the ACLJ said.

Her mother then complained to the school, which promised a meeting with the student but assured the mom no male faculty would meet with the girl alone, nor would the teacher be allowed to meet with her alone.

However, the school lied on both points, allowing a male assistant principal to meet with R.E., alone, and forcing R.E. to meet with the teacher, one on one, the report said.

The mother then filed a complaint with school police, and went to the school board meeting to voice her concerns, only to be shut down by the board because it was “too explicit.”

Explained the ACLJ, “The school district was fine having a minor child read the script in class in front of other minor children in class, but it was too obscene for the school board? Outrageous!”

The legal team is charging the school with violating R.E.’s First Amendment rights.

It said it is working with Lex Tecnica Ltd., a firm committed to protecting students, parents, and teachers from CCSD, to represent this family in a lawsuit against CCSD to protect their rights.

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