Sorry, folks, I'll continue to decry the invasion of America

I know, to some of you I probably sound like a broken record, lamenting about the massive invasion of our country at the Mexican border.

My problem is that when there are millions of people from countries across the world coming into this country illegally, I call it an “invasion” – because that’s what it is.

The problem the country has is that the administration, and seemingly most elected politicians, apparently don’t think this is a problem. If they did, they’d do something about it.

The federal government is paying millions of dollars to send these illegal aliens, once they’re in this country, to cities and towns on the interior of the U.S. That leaves the local municipalities to handle the cost of maintaining them and providing them with housing, jobs, education and health care.

Keep in mind, these expenses are being forced on local communities with no financial assistance from the state or the feds. Given that supervision of the border and dealing with immigration issues is the responsibility of the federal government, the question is raised, WHY aren’t the feds paying for all this? Why are local taxpayers saddled with not only the cost of it all but the reality of dealing with human beings who are foreign to our nation, language and mores?

I’ll be honest; what surprises me is that there isn’t more of a scream of revolt from the locals to this imposition of responsibility on their lives.

It’s reported that the feds stopped aliens at the Mexican border more than 230,678 times in October. That’s the third-highest month of the Biden presidency and includes increased numbers of people from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Colombia.

It’s interesting to note that the numbers of Cubans crossing or being stopped at the border is the highest since the Mariel boatlift in 1980. Remember that?

A late report from Tucson Sector Border patrol agents is that just over the Thanksgiving holiday, its agents apprehended more than 160 people who were being moved into the United States from at least 10 different countries.

Agents there verified that the movement of these people was conducted by a human smuggling operation – something that goes on every day. The same cartels that smuggle the people in are also responsible for the massive movement of arms and illegal drugs across our border. Most of the drugs are manufactured in China, but they end up in Mexico and then in our country, contributing to growing numbers of overdose deaths.

According to Troy Miller, acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, “…asylum seekers fleeing their authoritarian regimes is at an historic high.” He said there are fewer from Guatemala and Honduras but more from other parts of the world, including Asia and Africa. He said that “since the war in Ukraine, Russians were stopped 3,879 times in October – that’s up 48% since September.”

An almost unspoken aspect of this is that many of the smugglers are involved in movement of migrants for sex – including adults and children. Apparently, there is big money in this, and while they make millions moving drugs, they do the same moving people for sex. What makes this more shocking is that many of the illegals apprehended have prior convictions for sexual offenses. They apparently managed to ease out of those penalties, cross the border again and are still involved in the same crimes.

Agents with the Del Rio sector report a number of illegals with a past history of sex convictions. In one case, a 35-year-old was apprehended, and when his background was checked, it was learned he had been convicted in Santa Clara, California, in 2006 for lewd or lascivious acts with a child. After serving a six-year prison sentence, he was removed to Mexico in 2011.

But he came back! And they got him again. But he isn’t alone. How the administration intends to put an stop to this endless cycle just isn’t known.

President Biden doesn’t go to the border. Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t either, and so the border agents have to deal with a never-ending problem – and law-abiding Americans pay the price.

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