Stand up, conservatives! It's now or never

Speak your mind – mean what you say and say what you mean – and stop backtracking. Stop apologizing for speaking your mind. If you believe it, say it and live it, regardless of the consequences Republican naysayers insist will befall you.

We on the right, who are just barely hanging on to the Republican Party, are primed for change. Not the “hope and change” nonsense promoted by leftist radicals. And not the lying to our faces by the Mitch McConnell-controlled Republicans.

Actually, check that. Not the part about Republican lies – that has been demonstrated to us for many years. It’s the whole Obama hope and change garbage. That has officially been retired. Instead, we’ve entered a new phase of “change,” without the “hope.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard the three-word authoritarian slogan, “Nudge, Shove, Shoot.” This is the new “change.” In some blue states and cities, we’ve passed from “Nudge” and are now well entrenched in the “Shove” phase. From here there’s only one way to go if the public doesn’t snap out of it and beat it back. History, it seems, is repeating yet again. Shocker!

Everyone on the “compliant” right – the go along to get along Republicans, has allowed this time-tested and oft-repeated phenomenon to progress unchecked.

And every year that goes by with the same old farts in charge of the GOP just finds us more jaded – thinking that we honestly can’t come back from the abyss both parties have forced us into.

For years we conservatives have been pleading with Republicans to stop trotting out the same old Washington insiders like McConnell, McCarthy – the John McCain types, Orin Hatches, Paul Ryans, etc.

And every election season it’s the same thing. These political hacks make conservative promises about cutting spending, taxes, pork, regulations, etc. And almost without fail, Republican voters continue to fall for it. We never examine the records of these entrenched officials. We simply believe their rhetoric because we want to, and it’s easier and safer to just go along. We tell ourselves that any Republican has to better than a Democrat.

That’s a rather defeatist attitude and one that will insure that nothing will change for the better, but surely get worse. The time is now to break this cycle.

To help, here are some fun facts about who we’ve all been voting for.

I’ve often said that Jesus Christ could be corrupted by spending too much time in Washington.

So before considering voting for another incumbent Republican candidate, consider the 12-year rule.

Almost without exception, every Republican elected to the House or Senate who has been in Washington for more than 12 years is either a sell-out political hack, or well on his way.

Currently, the only Republican senator who has held office for more than 12 years and maintained her strong conservatism is one. That’s it!

Sen. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee: 18 years.

Out of 50 Republicans, there is exactly one who has been there for 12 years or more and remained conservative! How pathetic is that?!

And worse, out of 213 House Republicans, three have retained there conservative souls for 12 years or more.

Rep. Jim Jordon from Ohio: 14 Years.

Rep. Louie Gohmert from Texas: 16 Years.

Rep. Tom McClintock from California: 12 Years.

It’s high time we break this cycle and clean house. It’s time to stop fretting about the leftist scourge (and it is) and start culling our own dead wood.

And perhaps it’s time to readopt a few of our greatest political slogans, coined by those who really did keep their word and made meaningful change.

Consider the Republican Party slogan that won both the House and Senate after over a decade of FDR progressive socialism: “Had enough?”

Then there’s the greatest tag-team Republican duo in American history – Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Their campaign slogan: “A Return to Normalcy” after the progressive oppression of Woodrow Wilson. We’ve all been promised it and are longing for it.

And of course the Ronald Reagan campaign slogan after the Jimmy Carter disaster: “We Can Make America Great Again.” Sound familiar?

Oh, and stop apologizing! That means you, Lauren Boebert. You should never have apologized to Ilhan Omar. The left already hates you – apology or no.

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