State lawmakers launch effort to hold Supreme Court justices at 9

The U.S. Supreme Court

It’s no secret that Democrats in Washington, partly because of their intense hatred of all things Donald Trump – it’s been described as Trump Derangement Syndrome in the media, object to the fact that he was allowed by the Constitution to appoint three justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

That, on the surface, gives the “conservative” side of the court a 6-3 majority, although few decisions appear that are actually made along strictly ideological lines.

So the leftists in Washington – Democrats, progressives and Marxists – have campaigned to change the makeup of the court – pack it – with a requisite number of new and additional judges they choose to give it what they see as the necessary leftist ideology majority.

Some state lawmakers think that’s not a good idea, and now they have proposed a constitutional convention to amend the Constitution to specify that the high court has nine, and only nine.

Paul Bedard explained the idea in his Washington Secrets column, and posted online the joint resolution being offered by Wisconsin state Sens. Julian Bradley and Eric Wimberger and Rep. Tony Kurtz.

They propose the convention to adopt an amendment that sets the number of justices at nine because the independence of the court is essential to America’s checks and balances.

It calls for a prohibition on the president and Congress “from undermining the independence of the Supreme Court by changing the number of justices.”

They are proposing that Wisconsin, to be joined by other states, “applies to Congress, under the provisions of Article V of the Constitution of the United States, for the calling of a convention of the States for the limited purpose of proposing an amendment to the constitution of the United States providing that the Supreme Court of the Untied States shall be composed of 9 justices.”

Bedard reported the move was developing “at the very moment today that President Joe Biden’s Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States was meeting to consider adding likely Democratic justices.”

He explained the three told him, “Legislators in other states have urged their members of Congress to amend the constitution. However, as a legislature we do have the power to call for a constitutional convention directly, and that is what this joint resolution does.”

Bradley told Secrets, “Wisconsin cannot stay silent while President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer discuss packing the Supreme Court because they don’t like the justices. We must exercise our power and call for a constitutional convention to say the Supreme Court will have nine justices — period.”

Biden’s commission on court-packing is composed largely of leftists and liberals who sometimes even already have advocated for the manipulation of the court’s decision-making processes.

The attitude of Nan Aron, of the liberal Alliance for Justice, was typical. Aron said, “I had always believed that expanding the court would damage the institution and further politicize the judiciary.”

But she now calls it the “only option,” because of the “current crisis” of having a conservative majority.

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