Stunning claim that Jews started Ukraine war for astonishing reason

The interior of a building in Kiev, Ukraine, is clearly visible during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March 2022. (Video screenshot)
The interior of a building in Kiev, Ukraine, is clearly visible during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in March 2022. (Video screenshot)

An Islamic leader stunningly has claimed that Jews started the Ukraine war to “clean out” the country because they believe the Temple and biblical Jerusalem are there.

The comments were captured by the Middle East Media Research Center, which explained it was Mraweh Nassar, the secretary-general of the Jerusalem Committee of the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

He made the claims in an interview with a Turkish station that broadcasts in Arabic.

He said the war in Ukraine was instigated by the Jews in order to establish a Jewish state there to replace Israel, MEMRI reported.

“He explained that the Jews have been forsaken by America and the West, who have come to realize that the Zionist project is a failure that will come to an end within two years. He elaborated that the Israelis have thus realigned with Russia and China.”

Among his comments, “”The [Israelis] understand nothing but force. If the security of their state depends on aligning with Russia, or at least being neutral, they will do this even if it means sacrificing the [Ukrainian] Jews.”

He claimed there was a “false Holocaust,” implying that not many were killed during Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror.

“There is a book written by a Jew, which asks ‘Who killed the Jews?’ They were offered to take the Jews for five dollars each. They took one look, saw that most of them were old, and said: ‘We don’t want them.’ A Jew wrote this book and said: ‘We killed the Jews’ — that is what he means — ‘because we refused to accept 100,000 or 200,000 Jews who were in Germany, in exchange for a handful of dollars,'” he claimed.

He claimed they only wanted young people.

Regarding the current conflict, created when Russia invaded Ukraine and started blowing up cities and killing civilians, he explained. “[The Israelis] have turned to the East. They now want Russia and China because America has forsaken them. [America] told them in short: Your [Zionist] project is a failure, and you are bound to come to an end — if not this year, then the next. The Americans understand that they are supporting a failed project, so [the Israelis] are looking for an alternative, which can be Russia or [China].”

He said therefore that the Jews instigating the war do not care about the Ukrainian Jews.

He said Jewish leaders now are “convinced that Palestine cannot be the state for the Jews. So they started saying that holy Jerusalem is in Ukraine and not in Palestine. Ukraine is now the candidate to become the future Jewish state,” he claimed.

He said, “They are now saying that the Temple and biblical Jerusalem are located in Ukraine and not in Palestine. If this does not work, tomorrow they might say that they are in the Netherlands.”

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