Texas special election hands rebuke to Biden administration

The U.S. Capitol on Wednesday night, April 28, 2021. (Video screenshot)

A weekend special election to fill the vacant seat in Congress representing the Sixth congressional district in Texas deliver a huge rebuke to the Biden administration, as two Republicans qualified for a runoff, but no Democrats.

Fox News concluded, “The results were seen as a blow to Democrats…”

It was significant because, the report said, the “bellwether” district “was seen to be purpling.”

Susan Wright, the widow of the late Republican Rep. Ron Wright, finished first, followed by another Republican, Jake Elizey. Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez finished third, and conceded.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce warned, “Dems should prepare for a SHELLACKING in 2022…”

The results of the eventual runoff will cut Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s very small majority in the U.S. House even smaller. The body now is divided 218 Democrats and 212 Republicans, meaning the Democrats can lose only one or two votes from their membership and still pass legislation.

Typically, during a midterm election, such as 2022, the party that holds the White House, in this case the Democrats, loses significantly in the U.S. House.

During Barack Obama’s first midterm, the nation responded with a flood of an additional 60-plus GOP members in the House.

Fox reported, “John Fund, a national affairs columnist for the National Review, took to Twitter on Sunday to consider the outcome of the race and the general popularity of a president who just released his vision for the future of the country.”

“If Biden Is So Popular, Why This?” Fund noted, with a link to a story with the election result. “Republicans grabbed the two runoff slots in the Texas 6 special election yesterday. Dems were shut out, their candidates won a total 36% in a Dallas area seat that Trump carried by only 3 points last November.”

Fox also reported its own poll recently “showed a 54% majority of voters approved of Biden’s job performance. That’s lower than Barack Obama’s 62% and George W. Bush’s 63% approval at their respective 100-day points. Donald Trump’s approval four years ago was at 45%.”

Trump’s approval, however, was clouded by a years-long aggressive – and false – campaign waged by both Democrats and legacy media that accused his campaign of colluding with Russia.

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