The 'F' in FBI does not stand for Freedom

The FBI routinely stonewalls the nation’s elected representatives, telling them the agency cannot comply with requests for information without “disclosing sources, methods and ongoing investigations.”

Then when someone files a legal action to force discovery, the FBI’s excuse expands to include “we cannot comment on pending legislation.”

What is the translation of the abbreviation FBI? It is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The term “investigation” is in its title, its roots, its purpose. So to tell the Congress directly, and the public indirectly, it cannot comment on an “investigation” to is declare, in reality, the FBI is a secret agency of government that is beholden to no one. The internal attitude of FBI leaders demonstrates the agency is an authority unto itself, beholden to no other branch of government, and held to a standard of its own creation. After all, the FBI took on a sitting president after trying to tank his election.

If government is allowed to destroy candidates for office, the republic is no more, and that is precisely where the Democratic Party is taking the country.

In other words, the FBI has morphed into an enemy of freedom.

During the 20th century, we used to call agencies such as this the secret police, the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, the Cheka in Russia, the KGB also in Russia, the Stasi in East Germany. None of these agencies reported to a national government or to the people. Each operated clandestinely, and each worked against the domestic population to support control by a dictator.

Under those circumstances, the United States of America would be freer and enjoy more safety from enemies if the FBI were terminated by Congress. Congress would have to reconstitute a federal investigative branch of the Department of Justice, since DOJ has responsibilities in the enforcement of federal law.

The agency became totally politicized when Janet Reno ran things at DOJ, and since then its every move is suspect. When the FBI stormed into President Trump’s Florida home, we all saw the staged photograph of a handful of documents, carefully laid out and photographed by agents. The agents ostensibly were there to secure documents, not stage politically charged press availabilities. That single photograph revealed the evil underbelly of the agency’s leadership.

Now the FBI refuses even to talk to lawmakers about a document that allegedly advances a case of bribery against a sitting president, who was, at the time, vice president. Compare the silence to protect Joe Biden to the handling of the fake Clinton-paid-for dossier. It was leaks and cheers and smears all round!

It was the FBI who went to Delaware to confiscate, and hide, Hunter Biden’s laptop. Had copies of the content not been made and provided to key political figures, the FBI would have buried it. It was the FBI that was sent to retrieve the diary of the president’s daughter, not to preserve it, but to bury it.

It was the FBI that hunted down Americans who walked to the Capitol Jan. 6, 2021, and many of those Americans have disappeared into a judicial jungle. The FBI did not investigate the fatal shooting of an unarmed woman by a federal police officer on Jan. 6. The photograph of the shot being taken is most telling, as clearly Ashli Babbitt was not even near the officer when the shot was fired. He was in no danger. He was panicked. Given the crowded conditions in that Capitol space, he should not have unholstered his firearm. It would require the services of a very talented lawyer to convince a jury that was not murder.

But the Capitol Police were left to investigate one of their own, and the media did sit-down feature interviews with the officer involved so he might proclaim his innocence to the court of public opinion, which legally means nothing.

In this latest contest between Congress and the FBI, the agency takes a fallback position that the informant’s identity must be kept secret as well as the allegation and evidence he has produced.

Turn that FBI assertion upside down and shake it carefully. What falls out is the preposterous claim that the names of people who accused the vice president of the United States of bribing foreign powers to give him money in return for political favors must not be revealed.

In America, we all have a right to confront our accusers. The FBI is depriving the current president of the United States, Joe Biden, from mounting a defense against such a serious allegation. Joe Biden has a right to be heard on this matter and to confront his accusers.

But justice and our way of constitutional government counts for nothing at the FBI. That is why the FBI should go away, and a new agency, an honest agency that understands it proper role in government, should be authorized and financed.

None of this means anything to the Americans who take their news from the alphabet media, Google, Yahoo, Bing or TackyTok. But more and more Americans are paying attention. There is a vicious word war being waged against anyone who disagrees with or challenges the Democratic Party control apparatus. Thou shalt not travel to Florida. There may be Republicans on the loose, and it is not safe. That Democratic/media apparatus is hard, unyielding, uncompromising, and is rapidly approaching the line were the targets of its abuse must fight back or surrender their freedom.

It is with great sadness that more and more informed political observers are concluding that the disintegration of America is at hand, and while its survival is the most important issue facing the world today, its future cannot be secure under the constant assault of Marxist revolutionaries.

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