The ongoing mob 'justice' against Derek Chauvin

If a 22-year prison sentence were not punishment enough for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, Federal Judge Paul Magnuson added another 21 on federal civil rights charges.

In handing down the sentence, Magnuson had the nerve to tell Chauvin, “You absolutely destroyed the lives of three other young officers.” Chauvin destroyed their lives? Let’s back up here, Judge.

To say, “I really don’t know why you did what you did,” raises the obvious question: Shouldn’t you have known before sentencing Chauvin to 21 years in prison?

Here, Judge, is why Chauvin did what he did. When Chauvin arrived on the scene, two of the three officers whose lives Chauvin “destroyed” were struggling to arrest chronic felon and doper George Floyd.

What made the arrest difficult is that the muscular Floyd was a half-foot taller and at least 50 pounds heavier than the biggest of the officers. As senior officer on the scene, Chauvin had to do something.

Wanton killer that he is, Chauvin first offered to roll down the windows of the patrol car so the agitated Floyd could breather better. When that proved unsatisfactory, Chauvin then offered to turn up the air conditioning for Floyd, another sign of murderous intent.

Still claiming he could not breathe – a not unusual tactic among perps – Floyd asked to be let out of the police car. Killer Chauvin obliged him once again. Floyd actually thanked Chauvin at this point. It is all on tape.

If evidence of the officers’ lethal intentions were needed, their call for medical assistance stands as Exhibit 1. Their subsequent call for medical assistance STAT stands as Exhibit 2.

When a suspect resists arrest it never looks good on camera. Someone usually gets hurt – the suspect, the cop, or both. Chauvin resisted the idea of hog-tying Floyd, a legal maneuver but not an attractive one.

To prevent Floyd from expending even more energy flailing around on the street, Chauvin used a maneuver that would not have made even the local news had Floyd been white: he kept a knee on the area where the shoulder meets the neck, easing the pressure from time to time.

A week or so before May 2020 incident, I watched as a Kansas City police officer applied an identical technique to suppress a large woman who was resisting arrest and screaming loudly.

When first I stumbled on to the scene, I thought to myself, “Thank God she’s white.” Race matters hugely in these cases. If proof were needed, the New York Times opened its article on Chauvin’s sentencing, thusly, “A white Minneapolis police officer whose murder of a Black man …”

The fact that Minnesota’s black attorney general said race had nothing to do with the incident and that two of the four officers involved were non-white matters not at all to the race-baiters at the Times.

The Kansas City woman struggled and screamed heartily for at least 10 minutes before back-up arrived. I chose not to record the event. The officer had enough to worry about. In retrospect, I wish I had. There was noting extraordinary about what Chauvin did.

Nothing inherently lethal either. Dr. John Dunn ran an experiment to observe what happens during the use of this maneuver, and he made a video of the same. Dunn enlisted the help of two men to determine whether or not the prone restraint used by Chauvin on Floyd could have asphyxiated and killed him.

He recruited a 230-pound man to play the role of Floyd and a 170-pound man to play Chauvin’s role. Throughout the experiment, Dunn used a pulse oximeter to monitor the oxygen level and pulse of the man being held in this prone restraint.

As Dunn attests and the video shows, “The results were that there was no impact on the oxygen level or the pulse of the restrained man for the full 10 minutes, and no ill effects at the time or two days later when he was interviewed.”

Dunn believes that Floyd died from cardiac arrhythmia – a lethal heart rhythm aggravated by the fentanyl and meth in Floyd’s system as well by the blockage in Floyd’s arteries.

Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker came to similar conclusions, but that was before he was threatened into modifying his original findings just enough to allow the state to charge Chauvin and his three fellow officers with murder.

One of the three officers was simply holding back the hostile crowd. He barely saw the “murder” he’d be convicted of. Chauvin did not destroy these officers’ lives. That was the work of the cowardly executioners of Minnesota justice and their media accomplices.

Chauvin’s trial was a sham. One juror admitted she was scared to death. Another lied to the court about his allegiances to BLM. Once Chauvin was convicted, the other officers were thrown to the still ravenous mobs.

Judge, the Scottsboro Boys got fairer trials than did the Minneapolis police officers. With this sentencing, you may have earned your own place in judicial history.

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