The sleeping Bride awakens

The Bride of Christ is one of the most fascinating personages in the Bible. Many churches and pastors, it seems, are looking for her under the bed, hiding in fear from her avowed enemies.

Jesus knows just where to find her. While her earthly cohorts shine their flashlights underneath her bed, looking for some trace of the Bride’s enemies who might disturb her slumber, Jesus steps over their hunched forms and flashlights, walks to the side of the bed, leans over her reclining form and kisses her gently on the lips. As she awakens with his face so close to her’s, he whispers, “Arise. Shine like the Sun, my Beloved. For your time has come.”

Jesus offers her his hand, and she takes it in hers. She sits up on the bed, arrayed in fine, white linen. Jesus guides her to her feet and toward the door, leading her over or around the hunched forms still looking underneath her bed.

“What time is it?” she whispers to him.

“It is the time of the end of time, my Beloved,” he responds as he quietly closes the bedroom door behind them. “It is your time, my Love. No one else can do what I have patiently trained you to do.”

He opens the door to the outside. Together they step out into the night. “Your light illumines the darkness,” she says softly to him.

“I veiled my glory when I entered your house,” he says, softly. “You are the light that illuminates the darkness.”

The Christian world understands that things happen first in the spiritual (supernatural) realm (where God dwells), and only after that in the physical (natural) realm here on earth. What makes the Bride so fascinating is that she dwells in both the spiritual (supernatural) and physical (natural) realms. Humanity is unique in all of creation, because all three persons of the Trinity indwell those who have given their lives to Jesus Christ. This indwelling power is what makes the Bride a fearsome warrior in the spirit realm, while in her body she is the hands and feet of Jesus on the earth.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of the Bride as wearing combat boots. The American church understands well enough the hands and feet part, but they misunderstand the indwelling and authority part. The Bride’s great love for each of the three persons of the Trinity is such that they make their home on earth inside of her.

In the Bride’s prayer life, she has immediate and unfettered access to the Father’s Throne Room. From there her cries for the earth and its inhabitants to the Father meet with His immediate intervention in ways that often surprise the natural world. “God acted on our behalf,” they say, not understanding that the Bride brought their petitions to the Father, who heard her pleas and acted on her behalf. She has unparalleled access to God’s attention – not because of her own righteousness, but because of what Jesus did on the Cross for all of us. She is both a supernatural and a natural creation. Her authority and access in heaven gives her power to change the circumstances in the earthly realm without restriction, because that is what happens when God acts: Things change.

In our physical realm, we try to adapt to new circumstances. God simply changes the circumstances, because He can. The Bride’s supernatural access to the Throne Room now is what terrifies her enemies, who wish to see themselves and Satan prevail over humanity and the earth. They work tirelessly to achieve this result.

The slumbering Bride who views her ultimate existence in Heaven as all that matters is of no concern to Satan, the demons, or the wicked people who have seized control of the earth and its people while the Bride slumbered. They have their plan, which they are carefully following.

An awakened Bride, climbing the stairway into the Righteous Judge’s Throne Room, to submit her pleas for those who do not even know they are perishing, is this dark crowd’s worst nightmare. They fully understand that the Bride’s love relationship with God and his Son, Jesus, moves her pleas to the top of the Father’s list. None of them want to be present when the Righteous Judge considers her pleas, and awards Justice.

The Bride is about to be awarded Justice in the earth, which God the Father will execute against her enemies and persecutors, be they in the natural or supernatural realms. Her attention is focused on others, because she trusts the love relationship that exists between herself and Jesus, The Father, and The Holy Spirit. Love never fails. The Bride is what God created all of Humanity to become, if we are willing. If Jesus is the First-fruits after His resurrection from the dead, then the Bride is his beloved partner for life eternal.

All of this leads me to a question, one that I’d like you to consider as well: Is Jesus, who knows more than anyone the power and authority that His Bride carries, because of His finished work on the Cross, is He going to whisk her away to safety as the world burns and humanity is consumed by evil? Or is Jesus going to assist His Bride in the work that He left for her to accomplish, which is the harvest of souls at the time of the end? Which response seems to you more in character with the Jesus we know?

My Armageddon Story novel series tells the story in a similar manner. Reconnaissance, Vol. 1.

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