The virus of mass destruction – man-made in China

It’s looking more and more like the COVID pandemic, China’s biggest import ever, has morphed into one of the worst mass destruction events in a long time, not just as a result of the number of people directly killed by the virus, but perhaps even more, from the perverse, long-term shutdowns of entire economies and societies and the damage to the mental, financial, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of millions it has wrought.

What else can we say?

Yes, there are vaccines apparently capable of mitigating though not negating the effects of the deadly virus, developed in record time in the first year of the pandemic to the credit of ONE MAN – President Donald Trump. These mRNA vaccines arguably would be appropriate for protecting the most vulnerable in the population, meaning the very elderly and people with other conditions of high risk – but only when each person can freely evaluate the risks and benefits of the vaccine and receive it if they so choose.

But instead of that very American, commonsense approach, we’ve listened to “experts” who are demanding that little children get the still-experimental vaccine – even though school-age children face at worst a .07 in 100,000 risk for contracting COVID.

Meanwhile, while Trump shut our southern border, but Joe Biden has opened it up wider than ever – during the surge of a more contagious variant of the virus!

At every turn we have been victimized by both our enemies and our “expert” class.

It’s madness!

This must never happen again!

But, do we learn from our mistakes? No!

Can the carnage ever be repaired? Not in this lifetime.

Then there’s the equivocal Dr. Anthony Fauci, who certainly shares a lot of responsibility and blame – yet who remains on this nation’s payroll as the most highly paid of experts. He invested American taxpayers’ money in the Wuhan biolab’s monstrous experiments that should be investigated as bio-warfare.

Of course, Biden shows no interest in that – neither does he show any effort to discourage immigration from around the globe. He has refunded, with our tax dollars, China’s best coverup tool – the World Health Organization.

Do I have this about right?

Could there be a greater contrast between the Trump and Biden administrations? Absolutely not!

And that brings me to this reality.

What Biden had planned to do all along was this: Hide the truth from the people, making sure Big Tech wouldn’t give it away – truths like the facts about his son Hunter, so at least 30% of Biden supporters would not be deterred from voting for him. Then they went ahead and silenced Trump on social media. I don’t know who called the shots – but I’m sure it was not Biden. He wasn’t organizing this. He COULD NOT organize this. It was way over his head. The anti-American enemies are strong, powerful and frighteningly well organized.

Even now Trump is emerging from the silence and looks very good in comparison to Biden.

But what can we do for the next three-and-a-half years? Will there ever be a real election in America again? Or will Big Tech and company manipulate the results of the midterm elections in 2022 – all the while pooh-poohing the TRUE results? Will there be another phony presidential election come 2024? Is this going to be the end of America?

I don’t think so. I really don’t. The American people don’t like what’s happening at all. They are getting mobilized – especially in a few states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and others.

I still have hope for this country – even at its bleakest moment.

As we fight this battle, I urge you to believe in WND and the rest of the independent media. We’re doing the best we can for this country against Big Tech and the enemies of America.

Everything I’ve been telling you about this cabal has come to fruition – whether you wanted to hear it or not.

I think you’re seeing the real enemies now.

We here at WND are in the last stages of our fundraising campaign. We’re rising close to our goal of $100,000. That’s a small price to keep America free – I’m sure you agree.

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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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