The worst 'fake news' – Google News

You may not think of Google as being in the news business.

Yet, it’s become the most important media force in the world – in the last five years.

It’s also the fakest news there ever was.

Just because Google claims to be only a “news aggregator,” it is by far the biggest player in news – beyond dispute.

Let’s face it – most people get their news and information online. Even television news knows this. That’s why you see them covering what’s trending online. Online is where it’s at. And Google, the company that directs almost all searches, is more than a search engine. It’s a hosting service, owns YouTube, the largest and most important TV and video platform in the world, and, along with like-minded Facebook, controls 80% of the digital advertising market.

One more thing.

It sets the rules for the news business.

All that makes Google the most important purveyor of news in the U.S.

In effect, Google is the media.

How does it set the rules? Power, raw, unadulterated power. It buys much of that clout – in payola to Democrats and to a lesser degree, but significantly, to Republicans. It’s just enough to buy off the politicians so they don’t exercise good judgment and cut Google down to size.

And that is what needs to be done. The Democrats won’t do it. They like that Google favors pro-Democrat media voices. To say they “favor” Democrats really doesn’t do Google justice. They love the left. That’s where their money goes. And that’s where their sympathies are. FAR LEFT. I’m talking Anitfa, BLM and socialist mind-control left. Their model for control is Communist China.

It has become the biggest threat to national security in the United States, as Google just keeps using its power to impose more and more control – thus building more and more power.

Google bragged about its ability to STEAL the 2020 election. They worked hard at it.

Why doesn’t Donald Trump criticize Google? It’s my only beef with him. But he won’t make the same mistake twice.

Why won’t he? Because Google is costing America freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press – all things Donald Trump loves.

But understand what I am saying. Government created this mess – and it’s the only force big enough to solve it. And that is what Trump if good at.

Trump, in his first term, didn’t see this coming.

I can’t find any example of President Trump recognizing the undue, unhealthy power and influence of this company to date. He sees the maliciousness of CNN, the New York Times and other news agencies, but not the company whose algorithms bring people their reports.

By the way, it’s worth pointing out again and again – as I find almost no one who understands it – the human element involved with this kind of anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-American fervor at Google.

Do you know which organization is responsible for determining what’s legitimate news and what’s fake and illegitimate news at Google? The extremist hate-mongers at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Do you know what the SPLC says about Trump?

They routinely label him a “hater.” I recently Googled the two terms “SPLC” and “Trump.” Know what the first thing I found was? “Tell President Trump to take responsibility for the hate he’s unleashed,” on the SPLC website. Go ahead – see if it works for you.

Another article compared what he said about MS-13 to the language of the Nazi Holocaust: “President Trump said at a conference on sanctuary cities this week: ‘These are not people. These are animals.’ His insinuation that immigration status or criminal record somehow determines humanity is not only appalling – it’s dangerous. We’ve heard this dehumanizing rhetoric before. During the Holocaust, the Nazis called Jews Untermenschen – subhumans.”

Think about it. How were we to have fair elections in 2020? Google helped to steal it – while Trump blamed ratings-starved CNN.

But I’m counting on him not to make the same mistake twice.

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