They're trying to scrub Trump's presidency from history

The presidency of Donald Trump was unusual from the beginning. We now know members of the incoming administration were being spied on and discussions were had among the previous administration about what to share and what to conceal from the new president and his team. Trump came into office under nonstop media and Democratic accusations of being a secret Russian intelligence asset and using an elaborate foreign scheme to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. The ridiculous charge resulted in over two years of national angst and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars spent on an investigation searching for proof, even though it was later revealed both the FBI and CIA knew in July 2016 the Hillary campaign had created the Russian collusion accusation as a political distraction. We now know Barack Obama was briefed on the Clinton campaign’s plan, as shown when former CIA Director John Brennan’s own handwritten notes from the briefing were declassified. By the time the famous Mueller investigation flamed out after failing to find any evidence the Russian collusion accusations could be true, the damage was already done. Enough Republicans, who controlled both the House and Senate, were afraid the accusations might turn out to be true. As a result, Trump was effectively neutralized for the first half of his presidency while the GOP controlled Capitol Hill and could have passed his entire agenda.

When the Russian collusion madness collapsed, Trump immediately faced outraged accusations of illegally using his position to influence a Ukrainian investigation into whether Joe Biden had illegally used his position to influence a Ukrainian investigation into his son, Hunter Biden. This comedic premise formed the basis for the expensive and theatrical impeachment drama, which also collapsed. It was, however, followed immediately by the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 and the intentional destruction of the U.S. economy.

As unusual as the Trump presidency was at the time it was happening, it is likely to simply disappear now that it has ended.

Since he only served one term, Trump could return to run again in 2024. President Grover Cleveland did exactly that, serving a four-year term, losing the 1888 election to Benjamin Harrison, then defeating Harrison in 1892 to serve a second term. Congressional Democrats are claiming this is their reason for “impeaching” Trump again, even though he no longer holds the office from which they are supposedly voting to remove him. The whole thing is being made up as they go, without any basis in law or House or Senate procedure. It certainly does not fall under any constitutional authority, as demonstrated when Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts – the constitutionally designated judge to preside over impeachment proceedings – refused to be a part of the political theater. Since Chief Justice Roberts will not attend to give the proceedings a facade of legitimacy, Sen. Pat Leahy, D-Vt., both presides as “judge” AND presumably represents a vote to “convict.” Leahy voted to convict Trump last time. And why should Democrats not have a Democratic senator sit up front and pretend to preside over impeachment-like proceedings? The purpose of this charade is not to render any sort of legally binding result. It is to use as a political tool in 2024 in case Trump decides to run again. All Democrats need is to scream loudly enough that their “impeachment conviction” prevents Trump from being president to support anti-Trump Republicans’ efforts to block his renomination.

There may be another angle, though. Just as Big Tech is banishing users, silencing platforms and banning books, leftists appear to be preparing to scrub the Trump presidency from history. Trump has already been banned from social media, his official campaign sites deplatformed and financial services withdrawn. Last week, Joe Biden announced Trump had “no need for … intelligence briefings,” the first time in American history for a former president to be cut off from such briefings. Democrats are also proposing a new federal law banning Trump’s name from any federal building, naval ships, statues, “or even a park bench.” The bill would also ban Trump from receiving a pension, staff, travel expenses or burial in Arlington National Cemetery as other former presidents. The harassment will literally follow him to the grave. It is even suggested Trump should be banned by federal law from having a presidential library.

There is no end to the Orwellian purge.

As it stands, Trump and members of his administration can expect personal and professional harassment from governments and corporate America the rest of their lives – bans, harassment and use of courts and various bureaucracies to pester and annoy with never-ending actions. Trump, for example, is currently forced to defend himself from a silly local complaint demanding he be banned from residing at his Mar-a-Lago home. Even if he were to move to another home, it is clear he would immediately be cited for some new violations. Perhaps his driveway would be an inch too wide or the shutters an unapproved color. It will never end because there is no goodwill. The complete, personal destruction of any challenger to the establishment uniparty was always the goal – to set the example for what happens to challengers and to stamp out dissent.

Trump voters are next. Tens of millions of American voters and the campaign of an incumbent president will simply be erased, as though none of it ever existed at all. There is already employment, financial and tech pressure on Americans to be discrete about their previous support for President Trump. In the same way news items are removed, websites deplatformed, monuments torn down, building and place names changed, and even the bodies of long-deceased people are dug up from their final resting places and removed by the political left in both the U.S. and Europe, eventually, there will be no evidence there was ever a Trump presidency.

Our present, ever-changing reality echos Orwell’s Big Brother: Eurasia was always at war with Oceania.

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