Time to put doubt in even Democrats' eyes about 2020 election

I figure most Democrats never bothered to see the documentary “2000 Mules.” Perhaps, they didn’t even know about it because it was kept quiet by even Fox News, and that is a shame. After all, Fox was involved in an important role in the fix – the calling of Arizona way too early. (Of course, they fired all their crack “experts” immediately after the call.)

Almost two years later, I think it’s worth a shot urging Democrats to see the film.

But that’s a long shot.

Seeing proof may not be enough to awaken their sleepy eyes.

I’d like to offer the proof of simple mathematics, proof that defies claims that 2020 was the “cleanest” election in history.

I know. I know. This won’t work for all Democrats, like those who don’t like the system we have in America – the Electoral College. But since we still have the Electoral College in place, I hope to appeal to reasoning Democrats who accept that fact. (I know this represents admittedly a small segment of Democrats.)

Let’s look how many votes the candidates received in the 2020 election.

Joe Biden supposedly received 81,269,924 votes in 2020. That was the most votes by any candidate in American history. This, by a candidate who rarely CAMPAIGNED outside his basement in Delaware. Biden also did not perform well in the early part of the crowded Democratic primary either, you will recall. He had run for president many times, in primaries, for years and was never popular – at all. Until he was selected by Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 for vice president, it seemed like he would never be president.

Biden did not challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016. Why? Because Obama thought he was a loser. He was a terrible campaigner.

On the other hand, in 2016 Trump outperformed both Republican candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney, in the preceding president races of 2008 and 2012 – by 3 million and 2 million votes, receiving nearly 63 million. And in seeking reelection in 2020 he got an astonishing tally of 74,216,154. That’s a higher vote count than either of Obama’s election tallies in either race. Obama won a total of 69,288,516 in his first race against McCain and 65,915,285 in his second race, in 2012.

No one expected Biden to get 81,269,924. Polls didn’t predict it – and certainly not past performance. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE.

In fact, it was predicted to be a close race – which all presidential elections are supposed to be. Do you remember?

Most prognosticators were expecting a very close race in 2020, one that would favor Trump. Polls typically favor Democrats, but Republicans often win – as George W. Bush did in 2000 against his opponent, despite Al Gore getting more of the popular vote. Bush barely eked out the popular vote in 2004 with 50.7% against John Kerry.

“Most pre-election polls in 2020 overstated Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump in the national vote for president, and in some states incorrectly indicated that Biden would likely win or that the race would be close when it was not,” wrote Pew about the 2020 race. “These problems led some commentators to argue that ‘polling is irrevocably broken,’ that pollsters should be ignored, or that ‘the polling industry is a wreck, and should be blown up.'”

It’s understandable that the polls were out of whack in 2020. Joe Biden was never expected to get anything like the astonishing vote toll he got. Like I said, it was IMPOSSIBLE. The fix was in. Biden would get whatever he needed – especially in the five states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.

It’s possible that the vote for Trump was much stronger than predicted and that Trump not only won all five but several others as well.

“2000 Mules” proves that Trump won those five states hands down. If you’re curious enough to see why Biden’s vote total was hyped beyond any reasonable tally pollsters were expecting, maybe you should see “2000 Mules,” just for the mathematics of it.

I know. There aren’t that many Democrats convinced of voter fraud. But if you’re just a little concerned with the unanimity from Republicans and independents, maybe this is worth your attention.

And aren’t you a little concerned about why it’s verboten to say what’s on so many minds?

Isn’t it still OK as a free American to say what seems obvious?

Never mind how weird and fascist Democrats seem to acting. Never mind that Democratic leadership seems to be actively suppressing a real movement among MAGA folks. And never mind how they have are actively courted Big Tech to repress that movement.

Instead, open your mind and seek the truth.

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