Tribunal finds fired employee treated unfairly for believing men are men

(Image courtesy Pixabay)
(Image courtesy Pixabay)

A tribunal in the United Kingdom has confirmed that an employer treated Maya Forstater unfairly based on her beliefs that men are men and women are women.

The Christian Institute recently commented on the case involving Maya Forstater.

It was last year that an Employment Appeal Tribunal overturned a lower panel’s decision, declaring that Forstater’s beliefs are protected under the nation’s Equality Act 2010.

Now the ruling is that an employer treated her unfairly, based on her beliefs.

“Judge Andrew Glennie ruled that Maya Forstater had been subject to both ‘direct discrimination’ and ‘victimisation’ by the Centre for Global Development (CDG) for defending the reality of biological sex,” the report explained.

The ruling said Forstater’s complaints of mistreatment by CDG under the Equality Act were “well-founded.”

The institute reported, “It explained that CDG’s ‘decisions not to offer Ms Forstater a full contract of employment and not to renew her Visiting Fellowship’ had been ‘taken at least in part because of her belief, and therefore amounted to direct discrimination.'”

She responded, in a statement, that, “My case matters for everyone who believes in the importance of truth and free speech. We are all free to believe whatever we wish. What we are not free to do is compel others to believe the same thing, to silence those who disagree with us or to force others to deny reality.

“Human beings cannot change sex. It is not hateful to say that.”

Following the decision, author JK Rowling said on social media, “Every woman who’s been harassed, silenced, bullied or lost employment because of her gender critical beliefs is freer and safer today, thanks to the warrior that is @MForstater.”

The tribunal statement explained that the employer, “as acts of unlawful discrimination on the basis of Ms. Forstater’s beliefs,” “did not offer her an employment contract” and “did not renew her visiting fellowship.”

Forstater’s comments that so enraged leftists included, “A man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality.”

The tribunal said it also “recognized that Ms. Forstater had been entitled to criticize those holding an opposite view to her, and had done so legitimately. The Tribunal found in particular that the mere fact that offense may be taken to a particular statement was not sufficient to render it incapable of legal protection.”

It continued, “This included describing opposing views as ‘stupid, dangerous or unfair’ and the statement that allowing male-bodied individuals access to women-only spaces gave rise to ‘an increase in risks, threats and discomfort’ to women.”

WND had reported on the original decision in her case, where it was determined the Equality Act 2010 protected her comments.

She had taken to the court system after losing her job for defending the reality of biological sex.

“She was a dismissed from her position as a tax consultant in 2019 after she said on social media that biology determines whether people are male or female,” the report said.

She had worked for the Centre for Global Development in the U.K. when she wrote of her concern about allowing people to choose their gender, arguing it is determined by biology rather than identity. reported she wrote on Twitter it’s a biological fact that “men cannot change into women.”

“I am concerned that governments around the world are rushing through laws and policies which say that people with male bodies can become women simply by identifying as women,” she explained.

Forstater wrote on Twitter that “when men wear make-up, heels, dresses they don’t become women.”

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