University staffer: Don't say 'Christmas' or 'Easter'

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A video has been released that shows an official for Western Carolina University instructing resident assistants not to say “Christmas” or “Easter.”

Because they’re not inclusive.

The video of a conference call session was obtained by Young America’s Foundation through a campus bias tip line.

A woman, a housing coordinator, explains:

One thing I do want to let you keep in mind, uh, inclusive excellence is a part of our creed, so we can’t assume that all of our residents celebrate Easter so when you actually were talking about Easter eggs, I’m like, like ‘What Marvel has Easter eggs in a movie or something, like in a video game, so I thought, like something along those lines.’ Uhm. But you can do like or a scavenger hunt, you can hide things in the building, so even during the holidays, uhm, we we can’t you know say Christmas or specific to one religious holiday, we just, we always say holidays. Uhm, just because we have to be inclusive.

Fox News reported the university, through spokesman Marlon Morgan, denied the school has policies banning such terms.

“This was a conversation among RAs in training and a house coordinator, who was merely suggesting that we should consider that not everyone observes the same religious holidays, so we need to be inclusive of everyone,” Morgan told Fox.

“That was all. WCU hasn’t banned any religious terminology, and we have no policies to that effect.”

Fox News said Morgan didn’t provide further comment when asked about whether the “house coordinator” was an employee of the university. YAF said it happened in the fall, according to its whistleblower.

Morgan WCU “is committed to a diverse and inclusive community that provides an environment in which all can be successful academically and professionally.”

“During our training for resident assistants, our RAs are reminded to be inclusive of all religious views when they are considering programs for students.”

Commenters on the YouTube page for the video were not as gentle.

“Why does inclusion usually mean exclusion? Happy Easter to all!!!” wrote Steve Bird.

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