Victor Davis Hanson rips Biden for 'megalomania'

Joe Biden appearing in a pro-Trump ad (YouTube screenshot)

Victor Davis Hanson says Joe Biden is suffering from “megalomania,” gripped with the delusion that he is the answer to all of the problems he blames on Donald Trump.

“Of all Biden’s diminishing powers, megalomania seems the last to go,” Hanson wrote at American Greatness. “So instead of claiming credit for his predecessor’s accomplishments, Biden did the very opposite, with pretensions he would outdo Obamacare, the New Deal, and the Great Society all at once. In that vein, he has not only misrepresented Trump’s achievements, but in spite and ignorance sought to undo them at the border, on the economy, and in public health.”

Hanson, a fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, is an American military historian, columnist, former classics professor and scholar of ancient warfare.

He said Biden’s rhetoric not only is a danger to himself but to the country.

“Biden is back to habitual demonizing the former ‘chumps’ and ‘dregs’ with a new epithet of ‘Neanderthals.’ His short-term memory is stuck on mask obsessions, as if the more the Neanderthals are freed of them by vaccinations and growing herd immunity, the more he should mumble that they need two not just one,” he wrote.

“Biden calls any state that reasonably asks for voter IDs racist. And he has reverted to a paranoid presidency that is far less transparent than Trump’s, far more isolated, and reliant on a groveling media to disguise what may end up as something similar to the last 14 months of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, with Jill Biden as the would-be Edith Wilson.”

He noted Biden “got elected by unleashing others to insist that he was a healer, not a boisterous Trump-style divider, and by enlisting special interests to redefine how we vote.”

“The odd thing was that the supposedly narcissistic Trump did not emphasize sufficiently his own achievements and real accomplishments as much as he licked his unmerited political wounds, which fed into the Biden construct of a self-obsessed president.

“The myth of Biden the healer, and Trump the cruel divider, helped to get Biden elected. But the fantasy that Biden had the answers to problems that Trump created is a far greater—and more dangerous—delusion.”

Hanson said Biden uses “Trump did it!” an as excuse for “any embarrassment.”

“His own completely optional, self-created, illegal immigration disaster? Trump somehow caused it, despite leaving office with a stable and secure border,” he explained. “Vaccination rates soaring? There would be even more if not for Trump’s mere 1-million-a-day vaccination rate, mere weeks after the rollout of the ‘experimental’ vaccinations that supposedly would take ‘years’ to develop.

“Chinese aggressiveness? Trump’s provocations again due to all his paranoid talk of travel bans, and a lab-escaped virus,” said Hanson.

“European unwillingness to confront the Chinese? Yep, Trump’s the cause again, with jawboning our friends into paying $100 million more for their own defense,” he wrote,

He said the “elite” were enraged by Trump because of his efforts to “fire up the economy to benefit Americans through massive deregulation, tax reform and reduction, encouragement of returning investment to the United States, and expansion of energy production, exploration, and delivery.”

That result was “record-low minority unemployment and near-record peacetime low unemployment, record energy production, and strong GDP growth,” he said.

“All the newly inaugurated Biden had to do—as the pre-COVID-19 economic engine begins to kick back in and as the virus slowly begins to wane—was to claim-jump Trump’s work as the ‘Biden recovery,'” Hanson said.

“All Biden had to do was to enjoy the hard-won respite and claim that he solved the once-raucous border crisis, replace Trump’s coarse Manhattanese with his ‘old Joe from Scranton’ therapeutic lingo, and bask in his accustomed appropriated achievement. Biden even might have insidiously kept the immigration stream partially open to meet his party’s grand design to recalibrate U.S. demographics, but at rates that remained under the radar and without the current catastrophic optics,” he said.

The “script” was similar for COVID-19 and foreign affairs, he said.

“The truth was that Trump’s policies at home and abroad were neither neoconservative and interventionist nation-building nor RINO Republican country-club economics, but instead realist abroad and populist at home. More importantly, Trump’s record was not so much ideological as practical, and led not to chaos but to achievement. Biden is daily discarding that gift and blaming Trump for his own growing self-created miseries,” he said.

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