Video shows potentially troubling discussion about hiding information from 2020 election

A senior contributor to The Federalist confirms the organization has obtained access to a whistleblower video showing Pennsylvania election workers talking about how to hide “derogatory” information about the 2020 election management.

The column by Margot Cleveland, whose career includes serving as a law clerk to a federal appellate judge, is just the latest report to add to evidence of possible hanky panky in the 2020 election results.

Other factors include that various state officials arbitrarily changed state laws to accommodate mail-in ballots which favored Joe Biden, various efforts by legacy and online media to suppress negative information about Biden and his family just days before the election, and the $420 million that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook turned over to local elections officials with instructions mostly that they recruit voters from Democrat districts.

Outside analysts have revealed that either of the last two factors could have easily changed the outcome of the race and installed Biden in the White House.

The new report explains the whistleblower video shows election workers in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, talking about hiding information about the election from the public.

“The video is further evidence of fraud undertaken to conceal the widespread violations of Pennsylvania election law that occurred during last year’s presidential election, according to a source familiar with the recording,” she reported.

It was recorded by whistleblower Regina Miller, who started secretly recording conduct behind the scenes after seeking “concerning behavior,” the report said.

The information now is part of a lawsuit by Delaware County residents who allege state and local officials “destroyed election records and conspired to do so.”

Four of the five counts, the report said, are “premised on Pennsylvania’s civil law of fraud and misrepresentation. The fraud and misrepresentation, according to the petition, involved the defendants’ alleged destruction of evidence and their purported representation of compliance with a May 21, 2021 Right to Know Request filed with Delaware County.”

A formal request listed certified return sheets, along with machine tapes, as well as “any additional notes written on the back of the return sheet, as well as any attached notes that are related to each return sheet.”

Cleveland reported one video reveals men identified by a source as Delaware County election official James Ziegelhoffer and Delaware County lawyer Tom Gallagher.

They are looking through a box of “return sheets” and the man identified as Gallagher said, “When we Xerox these return sheets there are notes on these return sheets and we are going to have to cover them over with paper. Somebody wrote on there ‘this is an outrageous example.'”

Cleveland reported, “The two then finger through the return sheets, appearing to discuss the markings, with Gallagher heard saying, ‘Okay that’s fine. But you know what I’m saying, ‘refused to come in,” an apparent reference to a note he wanted covered when copies were made in response to the Right to Know request.”

The report explained The Federalist previously had seen other videos, including those with “troubling conduct.”

A county official declined to comment on the videos.

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