VP Kamala: One busy – and ineffective – leader

It’s taken months since the president gave Kamala Harris the task of dealing with our border and the immigration issue. The only thing she has done was travel to Guatemala and Mexico and talk with officials.

How that gave her any insight on the problem the United States faces with the hundreds of thousands of people who cross our border with impunity and disappear into our heartland, remains unclear.

When she was appointed to the task, word from Washington was that her team was “panicked” since it would put her directly in line for strong criticism from conservatives and others opposed to illegal migration. They really didn’t want her involved in issues that would put her in line with real controversy.

Harris came home from her trip, and virtually nothing was said about her solutions to the problem. President Biden also said nothing, and it was as though Harris’ trip was just a political jaunt that did nothing to enlighten Americans as to what the Biden administration is going to do about the border problem.

In reality, Biden and his people do not think we have a border “problem.” They see nothing wrong with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who are getting into the United States illegally. It appears that Joe Biden favors immigration, and it doesn’t matter to him whether it’s legal or illegal. He also has given us NO insight as to what he hopes Harris will do or when.

Speaking of Harris and her job as vice president, Joe Biden is piling it on. Not only has the president assigned her the border issue, she also has gotten other assignments. Are you ready? Here they are:

Voting rights; broadband and the internet; space, as chairman of the National Space Council and with responsibility for national security strategies related to space; promoting Biden’s infrastructure package; the fight against vaccine hesitancy; dealing with water policies, racial equity, the black maternity mortality rate; and women in the workforce.

And more.

I don’t think it will all fit on her business card, and quite frankly, I don’t see how she can deal with all this and make any kind of difference at all.

It would be interesting to read Joe Biden’s mind and find out just what his purpose is in doing this to her. That she allows it is even more puzzling.

Of all, the border issue is the most compelling and the one that carries with it the potential to literally change the face of this country.

Demographers realize that minorities will soon be the majority in our country, and it doesn’t matter from what country they come – they will vote Democratic.

Despite what media and the politicians would have you believe, not all the illegals are from south of our border. The Washington Examiner reported that Biden’s open-border policies are “attracting a historic surge of potentially dangerous illegal immigrants, many from non-Central-American Muslim nations – think Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh and many others.

Border expert Todd Bensman says the numbers are up 300 and 400%. Wisconsin Rep. Tim Tiffany said, “It’s so easy at this point for someone who has ill intentions for America, who wants to commit a terrorist act, to meld in with these migrants traveling through, to get into America.

“There are so many coming. We have no idea who they are. It’s easy for the bad guys right now to get into our country because the system is overwhelmed.”

According to Pew Research, we have more immigrants than any other country in the world. While a hundred years ago, nearly 90% of immigrants came from Europe. Now, that figure is less than 10%.

As for the effect on the states along our border, Cochise County (Arizona) Sheriff Mark Dannels has been quoted as saying the efforts to curb the movement of illegals across the border “have deteriorated dramatically since President Joe Biden took office.”

Cochise County has 83 miles of border with Mexico, and his residents are concerned about what is happening.

He spoke of the fact that Biden stopped work on the wall and just left things as they were. Dannels told The Daily Signal that it’s Biden’s choice if he doesn’t want to build more wall, but that “you got to fix what you started. You got to finish what you started or come up with a reasonable conclusion.”

He spoke of the physical dangers to American residents and their property as well as the phenomenal increase in drug trafficking and drug-related crimes and deaths in this country.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in April alone, 178,622 illegal immigrants (read that illegal aliens) were detained along the border.

That’s the highest number in more than 20 years.

The Del Rio Sector reports apprehension of illegals from 41 countries since October 2019.

These people include those crossing on their own, those taken across the border by coyotes and those who are crossing the border as part of human smuggling. There are stories every day of people being found in the desert, locked in trucks and train cars and more.

To add insult to injury, when many of these people are found, our government often puts them on planes and flies them to interior states and cities and drops them there to be taken care of by those local jurisdictions.

The other thing the government does is put them in local hotels and motels along the border. Again, on the local taxpayer tab.

This concept hit the fan in Scottsdale, Arizona, when hundreds of protesters jammed the streets to object. They said they weren’t given notice and that people were moved in after dark. It’s part of an $87 million contract with the nonprofit Endeavors and is expected to last through the end of September. As reported on KPHO, residents were told it’s a federal matter and the locals have no say in what is done.

Thank you, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, for the strong arm of government.

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