Was everything better under Trump?

Amidst the devastating developments in Afghanistan over the past couple of weeks, as well as the endless domestic issues plaguing our nation, a creeping thought is arising among many people, including those on the left side of the political spectrum: Was everything better under Trump?

The debacle in Afghanistan is drawing particular ire. Not only did our military suffer tragic losses, but rescue efforts are being actively thwarted by our government. Americans aren’t just upset about the situation; they’re furious.

One enraged columnist summed up the horrors: “At the current hour, Glenn Beck is working furiously to rescue Christians from certain death, only to be thwarted BY OUR OWN STATE DEPARTMENT, which called ahead and prohibited the planes from landing in whichever country had agreed to shelter them. Excuse me, what was that? Yes. You read that correctly. Beck has been loading airplanes full of men, women, and children who are converts to Christianity from Afghanistan to keep them from being burned alive or having to drink the soup of their boiled children’s bodies, and OUR OWN U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT is canceling their rescues.”

Heroic people are bypassing our weak government and staging daring rescues. What’s the alternative? To leave people in the hands of the soulless Taliban, whose unspeakable atrocities keep piling up? Even CNN reports Americans are losing faith in Biden. By some polls, 20% of Biden voters have buyer’s remorse. I suspect the numbers are much higher.

Unwilling to accept any responsibility for the events in Afghanistan, Kamala Harris screamed “You will not pin this sh*t on me!” and fled the country. Nancy Pelosi followed with a stunning display of callousness when she blocked – blocked!the names of the 13 slain American troops from being read out loud on the House floor. Democrats are desperate to distance themselves from the Afghanistan debacle, yet they’re ready and eager to blame Trump for everything, including the dust bunnies under their beds.

And it’s not just Afghanistan. There are endless domestic issues upon which the current administration is proving itself to be weak, spineless, cruel, illegal, unconstitutional, or just plain stupid.

What many people, even those on the left, are realizing is this: Everything Trump did was to benefit our nation and put America first. They may have disagreed with this or that, they might have suffered from irrational Trump Derangement Syndrome, but they couldn’t argue he put America first. By contrast, everything Biden is doing is weakening us and making our nation an international laughingstock.

What did Trump do? He sent mean tweets.

He also secured our borders, made us energy independent, dismantled onerous regulations, boosted the economy, lowered the unemployment rate, revitalized manufacturing, fortified the military, negotiated with world leaders, neutralized hostile nations and appointed constitutional-minded judges. His massive list of accomplishment can be seen here. He also withstood a 95% negative coverage rate and outright lies from the mainstream media because he sent mean tweets

If Biden and his handlers wanted to do everything possible to bring America down, they couldn’t be doing a finer job. In just eight months, this administration has effectively eliminated our southern border, destroyed our energy independence, stoked the fires of racial hatred, allowed crime on the streets to go unpunished, continued calling for useless lockdowns and strict mask guidelines, underwrote rampant inflation and gas prices, encouraged the cancer of “woke” culture to metastasize, implemented segregation (both racial and medical), reversed legislation that led to skyrocketing insulin and Epipen prices, encouraged mandated vaccinations and allowed Congress to pass reckless deficit spending (creating more government dependence). And of course, the pièce de résistance, the Biden administration is working to establish the federal control of elections so no Republican, much less an “outsider” like Trump, could ever again darken the door of the White House.

This is just in eight months, folks. What’s in store for the next three and a half years? As columnist Stephen Kruiser put it, America is now actually the mess Democrats pretended it was under Trump: “The result of that is that we are now actually living in the hellscape that American leftists kept falsely claiming was a reality during Trump’s presidency. Joe Biden’s brief tenure as occupier of the Oval Office has been a bigger threat to Americans than our enemies could have dreamt of being less than a year ago.”

We’re suffering, says columnist Bob Ehrlich, because Biden had to reverse every Trump decision – especially the successful ones. Trump himself anticipates another 9/11-style attack will happen to America. Muslim radicals have never hesitated to exploit the weakness of their enemies, and this administration is arguably the weakest in history.

And the height of irony? Biden and his handlers continue to try and blame Trump for the chaos they’ve created. In fact, Biden keeps flash cards handy to remind him to blame Trump for everything. It’s also the reason Pelosi et al. are obsessed with painting the Jan. 6 rally as the worse thing since Pearl Harbor, while the DHS tries to claim white Americans support the Taliban and are poised to carry out terror attacks at any moment. It simply defies belief.

Oddly enough, I don’t blame Biden personally for any of this. His mental decline is so transparent that it is, in my opinion, elder abuse to keep shoving him in front of cameras and expecting him to be coherent. Let the poor man retire to his basement and eat ice cream. Rather, I blame his puppet masters, the Democratic majority and the Republican weaklings who are encouraging or permitting this gross political ineptitude to continue.

“Say anything you want about President Trump,” says columnist Ray DiLorenzo, “but admit we had stability, prosperity, law, order, calm, and national pride … just bad tweets.”

Trump was never, as some tried to paint him, a national savior. Many disagreed with his policies. But as someone who actually loved his country, he was a breath of fresh air compared with the stagnant stench that normally emanates from the Beltway. Balance him against the current puppet in office, and the contrast is almost laughable.

Was everything better under Trump? You decide.

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