Watch: Black dad and young daughter demolish Critical Race Theory

Kory Yeshua and his daughter blast Critical Race Theory in a viral video posted in May 2021. (Video screenshot)

A video featuring a black man and his young daughter slamming Critical Race Theory is going viral online, with more than 1.3 million views.

The video originally posted on TikTok features Kory Yeshua and his daughter criticizing CRT in a light-hearted fashion.

Critical Race Theory is an ideology viewing everything through a racial lens, asserting race is used to exploit people of color.

“Daddy teaches you can be anything in this world that you want to be,” the father says to his daughter in the minute-long clip.

“Yeah, and it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or any color,” the girl responds.

“How we treat people is based on who they are and not what color they are,” Yeshua continues, with his daughter chiming in: “And if they’re nice, and smart.”

“See, this is how children think right here,” Yeshua states. “Critical race theory wants to end that, [but] not with my children, it’s not gonna happen.”

“My baby is going to know that no matter what she wants to be in life, all she has to do is work hard and she can become that.”

His daughter adds: “Work hard! Even if you don’t know anyone, you can make friends.”

After chuckling, Yeshua concludes: “Yeah, you can make friends no matter what color they are. So we need to stop CRT point-blank. Period. Children do not see skin color, man, they love everybody. If they’re good people, they love ’em.”

His daughter tosses in a final comment to say, “We pray for people that are hurt.”

Conservative filmmaker Robby Starbuck posted the video Tuesday on Twitter, calling it: “One of the best videos opposing Critical Race Theory that you’ll ever see.”

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