What if blacks actually had it bad in America?

Whenever someone thought themselves clever by exhibiting boorish shameful behavior in public or around a group of people, my late grandmother would say: “Give a monkey a show.” The translation: Put a monkey in a crowd of people, and you can count on its behaving like a monkey.

Which brings me to Gwen Berry’s podium behavior as she competed at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in the hammer throw Saturday. Berry disrespected the United States flag and our country when she refused to face the flag during the medal ceremonies, choosing instead to turn her back on Old Glory – the flag, I might add, of the country that, whether she likes it or not, she’s representing at the Olympics this year.

Berry claimed as justification for her detestable behavior that she was “p***ed” because she felt “like it was a setup, and they did it on purpose.” Imagine that. Her excuse for boorish anti-American behavior was that the national anthem was played on purpose. But her simian behavior didn’t stop there. She pulled out a T-shirt with the words “Activist Athlete” printed on it and draped it over her head. One could be excused for thinking she was sparing the viewing public from having cameras broadcast her face smeared with circus-like makeup. But I digress.

As indefensible as Berry’s behavior was to those of sound mind, for me her pathetic attempt at self-promotion raised a more pressing question.

Blacks disrespecting America, our flag and our national anthem certainly predates the Obama woman and the “Benghazi traitor” she calls a husband refusing to salute the flag as the world watched. The primary supposed reasoning behind the complaint and said behavior is always based upon the alleged injustice endured by black people.

But, what goes unaddressed is: What if these people who base their entire value system upon being a crayon color really had it bad? To wit: White people are considered racist because they walk past blacks without saying hello and/or not stepping off the sidewalk to allow blacks to walk past. But what if blacks were not permitted to walk on the sidewalks with whites at all?

What if blacks were not allowed to attend any public schools that were attended by even one white student? What if criminal blacks were actually held accountable for their violent, sociopathic behavior? What if blacks were not allowed treatment by white doctors and denied all access to white-operated medical facilities?

What if blacks were not permitted to live within a 50-mile radius of any neighborhood with even one white family living in said area? What if blacks weren’t permitted to make purchases of any kind, from buying a house to shopping at a five and dime discount store to shopping online, due to white ownership?

What if blacks weren’t permitted to be given bank loans or to have access to financial services in any white-owned institutions? What if blacks weren’t allowed to appear on television or radio for any purpose, apart from doing perp-walks?

What if blacks weren’t permitted to work in any white-owned company in any capacity whatsoever? What if blacks weren’t permitted to play on any team or compete in any sport that had white players? What if blacks were strictly forbidden from even attending the Olympics, much less being permitted to make spectacles of themselves and their sport on the world stage?

What if blacks were denied all forms of welfare? What if black women were forbidden to have white doctors murder their children by abortion? What if blacks were denied access to all law enforcement services and protection? What if blacks weren’t permitted to obtain services from any white-owned business including gas, electric, cable, etc.?

What if blacks were immediately taken into custody and confined in special container structures specifically created to confine a black person who was observed in a “white area”?

In the absence of even one of these instances being the case and the reality being the exact opposite in every example herein sited, explain to me what this contumacious harridan has to complain about. Just how disenfranchised is this ungrateful and malevolent certified skin-color baiter who some sources set her net worth at as much as $8 million?

I’m beyond sick of hearing how bad blacks have it in America. I’m sick of hearing how unfair America is to blacks. I’m sick of ungrateful hatemongers who prostitute being a crayon color the way the Obama woman engaged in usufruct while the objectionable creature she calls mate was defiling the office he held.

If life for so-called crayon-color people like the Gwen Berrys, Oprah Winfreys, the Obama woman, “Low-brain” James, and the huge numbers of self-identified crayon colors worth tens and hundreds of millions of dollars from being athletes, entertainers, politicians, inciters of unrest, ad nauseam is so bad, if their lifestyles and bank accounts define America as bad, I demand they show me a place that’s better.

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