What if a man hiding in his basement during a media-induced pandemic really was elected president?

What if Hiden’ Biden’s Inauguration ceremony really was a military funeral service?

What if Donald Trump still is our acting president?

What if the Death Angel from the days of the Egyptian Exodus is on the earth right now?

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What if each of us is living in our own daily reality, a “reality” that’s manufactured for us by big media / big pharma / big tech that uses Hollywood movie sets and is delivered to us by powerful special interests hellbent on deceiving us into believing that we need a new world order?

What if the God of the Old Testament has already stepped out of eternity from ancient Egypt to once again deliver His creation from extermination by the world’s Christ haters?

What if we no longer have a shared national identity as Americans, who are citizens of the various states comprising this Union, but are instead already a voting minority subject to the whims of citizens of other nations who have crossed into our country illegally?

What if an impossible, miraculous end is coming to all of it that will shock the world into believing that the Creator God has, as at the Red Sea Exodus by the Jews from Egyptian slavery, once again determined human freedom was worth the Blood that Jesus shed on the Cross, and is about to render judgment on those who are afflicting His people?

What if the world’s so-called elites are really so corrupt and incompetent that the only way they can retain their positions is through massive corruption with “elected” government leaders?

What if three-letter agencies now run our lives with computer algorithms and massive domestic spying?

What if DARPA developed social media companies and internet search engines as an early step in implementing artificial intelligence and man-machine mergers?

What if it’s all true? What does it mean for the world? What does it mean for us?

What does it mean for science? What does it mean for God?

Are the answers the same for all of us, or are the answers different for each of us?

What if the education system all of us pay for has been complicit in all of this, by teaching us lies our entire childhoods?

What does the Bible mean by “the end of time?” as it appears in Daniel and Revelation?

I have only questions. I do not have the answers.

The Armageddon Story novel series, by Craige McMillan.

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