What led to Trump's 'vaccine' dilemma – and how to solve it

President Donald Trump never had total control of his administration. His election in 2016 was the political equivalent of a D-Day beachhead at Normandy, and we MAGA troops flooded in behind him to help push back the Nazis. It was one bloody step at a time against the full might of the Uniparty deep state war machine. By the 2020 election, he had fully secured only about half of the Executive Branch, but like Rush Limbaugh, who boasted of having “half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair,” President Trump was able to do more with half an administration than any other president in our lifetime.

President Trump’s greatest challenge as the commander in chief of the America First army was the lack of truly conservative leaders with sufficient government experience to draw from for appointments, and so he had to make do with the available bench. He did the best he could with what he had, but what he had was a rogues gallery of mostly mercenaries, double agents, back-stabbers and opportunists. For every high-profile Fifth-Columnist like Tillerson, Pence and McConnell there were a hundred others in the shadows. The few truly good conservative loyalists did the real work under constant enemy bombardment and the fear of being sabotaged from behind. And yet, it took the combined might of the entire globalist cabal to cheat Donald Trump out of a second contiguous term.

As is true for all of us, Donald Trump’s greatest strengths have a flip side that could be exploited by the masters of manipulation who populate the realm of “intelligence.” These are the CIA/KGB/MI6 types who orchestrate coups and targeted assassination campaigns and are always engaged in three-dimensional geopolitical chess with their foreign counterparts, using us “little people” as pawns and cannon-fodder. In the fallout from the 2020 election fraud, and Biden’s use of the FBI as his own private Stasi, we’ve started to see past the curtain into that world.

In my view, President Trump’s greatest strength is the ability to balance core America-First principles and traditional Judeo-Christian morality with “realpolitik” pragmatism to get the best possible deal consistent with his values in any given context. He is above all else a deal-maker. He can’t be “bought off” in the normal political sense as some allege, but he can be trapped in a no-win scenario in which the “best possible deal” is the “lesser evil.” I believe that is exactly what happened regarding the COVID “vaccines.”

His second-greatest strength, which is more exploitable, is his self-confidence. The flip side of that is an unwillingness to admit error. I think that reluctance is in part a conscious tactical decision in keeping with his deal-making style, but it’s also the personality trait that has gotten him into the most trouble. Concessions are perceived as weakness by tough negotiators (and political assassins), but to regular folks – especially nonpartisan swing-voter types – concessions are proof of humility and humanness, so Trump has a tough line to walk for a populist leader.

Now lets fit these pieces together. Picture the Clinton/Obama/FBI/CIA/Zuckerberg/Lincoln Project war room as November 2019 arrives. There’s one year left to derail the Trump train. The table is packed three-deep with the best strategic minds and war-gamers of the deep state, key political, Big Media and Big tech power brokers from both parties, some Soros and Gates operatives and a few deep-cover spies from inside the Trump White House. The mood is tense, anxious. Lots of furrowed brows and nervous tics. The Russian Collusion Hoax has failed. A dozen pre-planted “whistleblowers” and other dirty tricks have failed, one after the other. The Impeachment Scam looks like it will also fail. The economy is booming. Blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, Jews and blue-collar union members are rallying to Trump in unprecedented numbers. An historic, massive Trump landslide reelection looks more and more certain.

After a round or two of hand-wringing, the moderator waves the group to silence and says gravely, “There’s only one play left.” He then introduces a team of special guests from the Chinese Communist Party, the National Institutes of Health and Big Pharma. By New Year’s Day the plandemic has been launched globally, and every anti-Trump player at every level is ALL IN for the biggest political scam in world history.

One key component of the plan is to make Donald Trump an offer he can’t refuse: Back the “vaccines” or take the blame for millions upon millions of COVID deaths.

As a political pragmatist, he sees by mid-February or so that they have him trapped. Manufactured pandemic panic has gripped the American people in massive numbers – even many in the MAGA movement are irrationally hoarding toilet paper. By March the governors of the deepest blue states such as Cuomo’s New York begin murdering their nursing home residents to drive up the death stats. Big Pharma has arm-twisted the entire medical industry into compliance with treatment protocols designed to kill more, including the banning of the miracle drug ivermectin and other cheap, effective remedies, while pushing the expensive failed drug Remdesivir.

Big Media are running COVID panic porn 24/7, while Big Tech begins censorship of all dissent – even of the top experts in their medical fields – at a level not seen on any topic since Stalin’s Russia. It’s an unstoppable blitzkreig.

So Trump makes the best of a bad deal and launches “Operation Warp Speed” (OWS). But he doesn’t see there is a part two of the strategy: a plan to pin the blame for (pre-planned) “vaccine” failures on him, knowing he is unlikely to ever admit OWS made matters worse. Why do I say the “vaccines” were designed to fail? First because the public health authorities and their bosses at Big Pharma had the actual cure for the disease all along in ivermectin and allowed millions to die while they aggressively suppressed it – proving they are truly evil people. Second because we can already glimpse past the profit-maximizing shell game of endless “boosters” to yet greater profits from the future health crises the “vaccines” have caused – some aspects of which, like heart disease and stillbirths, are already emerging but most of which remain to be revealed.

I offered advice for President Trump back in October in my WND column titled “Operation Warped Screed and Trump’s forced surrender to Big Pharma,” but of course, I’m not even a fly speck on his radar, so it’s unlikely he’ll ever see it. The advice still holds, however. If he distinguishes the success of the OWS process (his part of the response) from the failure of the drugs themselves (Big Pharma’s responsibility), he can survive the coming political crap-storm. If he keeps pretending these experimental drugs are a success and forgetting that HE was the early advocate for the actual remedies his enemies have suppressed, he could lose his base – on top of bearing real guilt for the harms caused to people who took these “vaccines” on the strength of his endorsement.

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