What's in my wallet? Not Capital One!

An open letter to “woke” corporate America:

It has been nearly two months since the laughably self-labeled “nonpartisan” Civic Alliance attacked America’s first significant election-integrity effort since Obama and his leftist toadies stole the White House from We the People. It was nothing if not impressive: A thousand of our most powerful corporate giants rubber-stamping Dementia Joe’s insultingly blatant lie that Georgia’s election reform half-measures amounted to “Jim Crow on steroids.”

It was political shock-and-awe as only the NYC/Hollywood/D.C. elites can pull off.

In years past, a display of power like that would have achieved its goal of pummeling the hoi polloi back into line, because, hey, if they’re that powerful, resistance is futile. But that was before The Donald proved to us all that resistance is not futile. Now we know who you are. We know there are a lot more of us than there are of you. And we’ve seen just how difficult it really is for you to keep us down. You had to subject yourselves to the geopolitical equivalent of “chemotherapy” to take down our champion with your phony pandemic. And you all had to come out of the shadows and expose yourselves to our scrutiny when your political dirty tricks against President Trump kept failing one after another, requiring increasing personal commitment, expense and risk. No amount of propaganda and mass psychological manipulation is ever going to make us forget who you are and what you’ve done.

Of course, when I say “you” I mean the whole cabal of conspirators from the Obama/Clinton/Soros cluster, to the Bush/Cheney/Romney/Lincoln Pedo-Project cluster, to the N.Y. Times/Wapo/Fox News cluster, to the Facebook/Twitter/Google cluster, to the Newsom/Whitmer/Cuomo Lockdown Tyrant cluster, to the Fauci/CDC/WHO/Big Pharma cluster, etc. But you “woke” corporations have clearly sided with the cheaters and bullies and must bear the consequences with them.

We suspect that many “woke” companies are just along for ride because you’re afraid of the BLM/LGBT shakedown artists, or you think your future profits from a Biden partnership with the Communist Chinese slave-state will more than offset any U.S. losses you many incur. But, as the saying goes, when you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Little people like us are indeed like fleas to you corporate giants. But we can bite. And when enough fleas keep multiplying on a dog, their little bites can literally kill it. (To be clear, when I say “dogs” I mean companies, not people – and to be clearer still, I hope all of you “dogs” who stay “woke” go out of business for the good of the nation.)

But that’s really an upside-down analogy, because it is you, not us, who are the parasites. We are the hardworking, patriotic Americans that built this country and sustain it. WE are the body you parasites feed upon. It is the fruit of OUR labor that “you” steal through confiscatory taxation and redistribution to non-earners. It is the earnings from OUR labor that your consumer-manipulating advertising has conditioned us from childhood to waste upon your overpriced products. It is the contribution of OUR labor to your companies that have enriched you far beyond what we have been compensated.

Don’t confuse these complaints with the rhetoric of the Marxists whom we despise and who have entangled your boardrooms with their “woke” sensibilities. Our complaints are personal, not ideological. You have used our money to advance public policies that hurt us. We’re not the lazy millions who exploit and exaggerate every possible grievance they can think of to extort a free ride through life. We are the productive tens of millions who have funded both our over-reaching government and your predatory corporatism for as long as we can remember.

We see your weaknesses now in a way we never did before. We can recognize, for example, that a massive advertising budget is an admission that people would stop buying whatever you’re selling without relentless prompting that costs you huge amounts of money. We can see that the most advertising-dependent companies are the most vulnerable. Take Woka-Cola, for example. People think of “Coke” as an American icon, but it’s just caramel-colored sugar-water with pretty packaging. What good does it actually do anyone? I haven’t drunk a coke since Coke went Woke, and I don’t miss it in the slightest. And I can’t be the only one, because you geniuses at the Coke corporation felt compelled to remove from leadership the leftist boob who got your company involved in the attack on election integrity. But I’m not going back to your products until you apologize and work to undo the damage you caused. All you care about is protecting your brand. We, your former consumers, care about protecting this nation!

Capital One is another corporation with a gargantuan advertising budget (which, by the way, helps to keep the enemy-of-the-people media afloat with our consumer dollars). I’ve had one of your credit cards for at least 20 years (maybe closer to 30) and have earned untold thousands of dollars for your company with my purchases. You haven’t gotten much from me in usury, because I never carry a balance, but the 2-3% you got from vendors every time I used it added up to lots of cash. On April 2, when I saw your logo on the Civic Alliance list, I stopped using Capital One. So the next time you ask me in your ads “What’s in my wallet?” rest assured my answer is always going to be “NOT Capital One” – until you apologize and reverse course.

For us little people, boycotts are always worthwhile, even if it’s just for the personal satisfaction of not funding companies that work against our values. But boycotts done by a large number of people, like the MAGA 100 million, can be very effective. President Trump’s call to boycott Coke, Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball likely caused you all more pain than you’ll ever admit.

We’re frankly beyond boycotts now. We’ve realized that we don’t need a lot of the things you sell. More importantly, many of the hundreds of thousands of patriotic, anti-woke small-business people you leftists bankrupted in the plandemic, recognize the golden opportunity they now have to go back into business selling the very goods and services we all used to get from you.

It’s your choice, corporate America: Reject “woke” or go broke.

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