Who'll go to jail for the release of China Virus?

Two people said it recently.

If there are meaningful hearings about the China Virus, and then we have free elections again in this country, some people will go to jail for a very long time.

Raheem Kassam, the brilliant editor of the National Pulse, said as much in his co-host position on the hot new show “War Room” with Stephen K. Bannon.

“People will go to jail.”

That would be justice.

Only something so cataclysmic as a worldwide pandemic that came out of China and killed 3.5 million people, 600,000 in the U.S., could have caused the conditions for Big Tech to throw the presidential race and fire up their hatred for Donald Trump and America.

Lawrence Sellin, a Ph.D. with an M.S. in biology, who became an expert as a research physiologist in infectious diseases, said the same thing.

“People will go to jail.”

It seems the only right thing to do.

No one is more culpable than all the people responsible for turning the U.S. into a different country – so afraid of what another term would mean for Trump.

We don’t even know the names of the people responsible. Was it Joe Biden? He’s not capable of it. Was it Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer? No, it had to be the Deep, Deep State.

Half the country believes it happened just the way the media called it – even most of the people at Fox.

But that’s not what Raheem Kassem and Lawrence Sellin were really talking about Monday. Or maybe they were. It’s difficult to separate such matters that are so inextricably linked.

They were talking about Dr. Anthony Fauci – and the lies he told to a congressional committee that doesn’t have the power to do anything about it now.

Let’s talk about the indisputable facts behind Fauci’s less-than-candid responses to Sen. Rand Paul, courtesy of Dr. Peter Navarro, who served as assistant to the president, director of trade and manufacturing policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator.

  • Despite Fauci’s words denying he ever helped divert an NIH grant to fund the notorious Wuhan Virology Lab, it’s absolutely true. It’s undeniable. It’s well-documented – by Navarro and others.
  • Yes, Fauic’s research funding explicitly touted “gain of function” tools to increase the lethality of viruses, a process banned by Barack Obama in 2014 because of the high risk that a weaponized virus might escape from labs. Indeed they did – six times, including the Beijing Virology Institute and the first SARS virus.
  • The U.S. State Department warned in 2018 about the lack of safety protocols at the Wuhan lab, noting that the deficiencies could trigger another SARS outbreak.
  • Fauci’s NIH helped fund the research of China’s “Bat Lady,” Wuhan Lab virologist Shi Zhengli.
  • Numerous expects agree that the Wuhan lab is the most likely place for the deadly virus to have originate.

“Fauci must immediately resign and apologize to the American people and the world for errors in judgment that in all likelihood have led to the current pandemic that has killed millions, destroyed tens of millions of jobs, and inflicted trillions of dollars in damages on the American and world economies. And the Chinese Communist Party should echo these apologies,” Navarro says.

He continues: “Fauci must likewise apologize for lying to the American public under the razor sharp questioning of Sen. Rand Paul. On May 11, Fauci repeatedly and adamantly denied that he and his NIH either funded or supported gain of function activities at the Wuhan lab. Yet, this is just another one of the kind of white ‘masks don’t work’ lies that Fauci loves to tell the American people when it is expedient.”

It’s true. Fauci lied. But what were the consequences? Was it really just a “mistake”? Was it really just a coincidence that ended America as we have known it since 1776? We couldn’t have envision anything like it in January 2020.

But Fauci should have seen it.

The Chinese had to see it.

Was it an act of war?

Probably. But by whom? Will there be a day of reckoning? Will there be justice?

People should go to jail.

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