Why are Democrats quitting their party in droves?

Joe Biden is without a doubt the worst president I have ever seen. He’s worse that Barack Obama, and for me, that’s saying a lot. He’s worse than Jimmy Carter, both Bushes and Gerald Ford. He’s more corrupt that Richard Nixon.

Biden knows he’s through. He knows he cannot serve out his term and keep the country from succumbing to China as it preps for war. “Joe is shot,” Donald Trump used to say. I thought he was kidding – until I witnessed Biden’s actions as a cognitively challenged pretender to the presidency, completely out of touch, clueless without a teleprompter, a gaffe machine with one.

I’m a stroke victim five times over – and I think I could take him in a debate!

But this is not a column about Joe Biden.

It’s about something kind of neat – where the Democrats go in the future. I don’t mean after they get shellacked in next year’s midterm elections. I mean in 2024.

Who do they have who could possibly make even a reasonable showing in a real – as opposed to fake – presidential election?

Kamala? I assume you saw much of the mainstream media trash her this week. (See “Exasperation and dysfunction: Inside Kamala Harris’ frustrating start as vice president” in CNN, “Biden-successor chatter grows and Harris isn’t scaring off anyone” in Politico, “White House announcer appears to skip Harris at infrastructure signing after disastrous CNN report” in Yahoo, “‘A bold leader’: White House defends Kamala Harris after reports say she’s struggling” in the Guardian, “Kamala Harris’ aides pass around an Onion article mocking the VP when they get ‘annoyed’ with the White House’s treatment of her, report says,” again, in Yahoo, and last but not least, “Here’s how you know the White House is worried about Kamala Harris” at CNN.

And she is just the start of the problem. Who else is there?

Nancy Pelosi? She may not even serve out her term as speaker. Pete Buttigieg? I can’t even spell his name! Bernie Sanders? Again! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? For president! Maybe another race for Hillary?

You see, the Democrats are not too deep on the bench, so to speak.

And what’s more – and this may be the newsiest secret of them all – why are so many Democratic elected officials dropping out of their party?

Nobody has really put this together. They just drop the names one at a time. They are not big names – but they are dropping every day like flies! Some are even changing parties – to Republican!

I can hardly keep up with them.

  • Here’s one from three days ago. A Texas Democrat switched his affiliation to the Republican Party over the party’s left-leaning embrace of “defund the police” policies and “chaos” on the southern border. State Rep. Ryan Guillen announced in a Monday press conference that he would seek reelection to his south Texas seat as a Republican, saying the Democratic Party’s far-left values are no longer in line with his own. He spent 19 years as a Democrat.
  • A month ago, a rich guy who ran as a Democratic presidential candidate last year removed his allegiance to his party. Andrew Yang’s his name. Yang explained that he changed his voter registration from Democrat to Independent and described the experience as “strangely emotional.” He joined the party in 1995 to vote for Bill Clinton’s reelection, at the age of 20. During those years, Yang said he was a “staunch Democrat” and helped organize and fundraise for politicians like John Kerry, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.
  • Don’t forget about Jeff Van Drew who made the switch from Democrat to Republican in 2019. A New Jersey congressman for years, he pledged his “undying support” to Donald Trump. Since winning reelection last year, Van Drew has voted to overturn the 2020 presidential result and opposed forming a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

But the real battleground is among the state legislators.

Those who have recently switched to Republican among state lawmakers totals a whopping 74. The number going the other way – from Republican to Democrat – a measly 20.

It’s a lot easier for mere voters to switch parties. Can you imagine any of them staying if the Democrats don’t start waking up and flying right?

If the party continues its downward spiral, it won’t even be able to cheat anymore!

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