Why is Mayor Muriel Bowser so anti-marriage?

Muriel Bowser, the would-be de facto governor of Washington, D.C., defended the city’s ban on dancing at wedding receptions, and wouldn’t commit to permitting it even if participants were fully vaccinated.

The appearance by Bowser came on an interview Wednesday on “CNN Newsroom” – so you might have missed it.

Bowser said that “an alternate headline” for the rules could be “Now you can host a wedding in Washington, D.C.”

Alison Camerota, the host, asked, “But mayor, is there any way that you would reconsider with masks on and, say, a card that shows fully vaccinated that you would allow dancing?”

Bowser responded, “We’re absolutely considering opening more activity as our case rates go down and our vaccination rates go up, and that’s in our hotels and that’s in our other venues.”

No, Bowser is not a radical Baptist. In fact, she’s married to Andrew Huang, a YouTube singer. You would think she’d be trying to get him some singing gigs.

What causes the mayor’s hardline position?

Difficult to say.

If you look at her official website, it will give you an idea of her position on vaccines. She wants kids to push their parents into getting vaccinated. But mainly, she is a prominent Democrat and as zealous as they come for the whole radical agenda.

That’s something common among Democrats. They put their agenda ahead of the Constitution, the rule of law, individual rights, personal liberty and common sense.

This blind commitment to an agenda is the only thing that makes sense under the circumstances.

What else could explain her actions for continuing the shutdown of previously lawful action with her jurisdiction – for a solid year?

People are dancing, getting married – with or without masks or inoculations for the coronavirus from China – in Florida, Texas and most other states in America.

That’s a fact.

What’s wrong with Washington, D.C.?

The city allowed large street demonstrations – sometimes violent – much of last year. No masks and no social distancing were required. Muriel Bowser participated in some of them. What’s riskier to life and limb? What’s a worse potential “super-spreader”? A wedding-reception conga line or an angry street protest?

Is D.C. still operating in the United States of America?

What’s going on here?

Why are people putting up with this – still?

Holy matrimony is an institution that could add a lot to Washington. You can still get a marriage certificate for $45, but you can’t plan to have a meaningful wedding celebration.

Like all decisions we expect to be made on the basis of “science,” this one seems to be made on voodoo science – or none at all.

Earlier, I said Bowser is the de facto governor. She announced on the same day as the CNN appearance that the Democratic Governors Association is adding her to its membership. Founded in 1983, the DGA is made up of the Democratic governors in 23 states and three U.S. territories, and provides policy advice, messaging resources and campaign support.

As a D.C. statehood bill makes its way to the U.S. Senate, Bowser’s inclusion in the DGA sends a message about the perceived role of Bowser and the status of her jurisdiction. Though Bowser is currently a city mayor, she has “acted” in a gubernatorial capacity throughout the pandemic, setting health policy and working to secure more federal funding when D.C. was “underfunded” in the initial COVID relief bill.

She’s quick to point out that in the early months of 2020, Bowser was in close conversation with Governors Larry Hogan and Ralph Northam to coordinate the response to the pandemic. Her mayoral status presented some roadblocks in communicating with the White House – read Donald J. Trump. Bowser complained about being left out of calls between the executive branch and America’s governors.

Memo to Bowser: There are reasons you are relegated to the position of mayor.

The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress.

The district is therefore not a part of any U.S. state.

It would take a constitutional amendment to change that.

In other words, it would take more than an action by the Democratic Governors Association to make this possible. Maybe the mayor is holding marriage hostage in the meantime.

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