'Woke' companies ringing bell that cannot be unrung

By David McQuade

It was probably during the Ozzy and Harriet days of “Father Knows Best” when I first heard some responsible parent figure on television say, “Family is the garden where the deepest relationships are cultivated.” That sentiment is not simply heartwarming but foundational for any culture hoping to enjoy longevity.

Wouldn’t it be a “wonderful life” again if ubiquitous advertisers like New York-based Macy’s would choose to message the importance of “family” instead of tripping over themselves to celebrate “Pride Month” with every fiber in their corporate being?

Compassion is always in order. But “pride” has been purposefully groomed into far too many young people by soulless corporations to exploit them for political and financial gain. And Macy’s wants us all to know of their enthusiastic complicity in the decline of Western civilization.

With a week of “Pride Month” left to brave, it’s worth looking at the perverse logic behind giant retailer’s leap onto the hypersexualized bandwagon that’s leading a parade of mainstream brands by the nose, particularly since Macy’s is so well known for parades.

While the abundantly “woke” company is hardly alone, it turns out Macy’s is the perfect corporate study of how not to celebrate a month of flamboyant, over-sexualized, public parades and visits to schools from which responsible parents and educators want to hide the kids.

Setting aside the foreboding warning that “pride goes before a fall,” as messaged in the book many of us still look to for wisdom, Macy’s retail “pride” messaging is confusing at best. Because it’s everywhere, you may have seen the company’s monthlong, failed attempt at virtue-signaling. The retailer’s pandering press release reads as follows:

To help customers live boldly with Pride + Joy, select Macy’s stores nationwide and macys.com will offer a celebratory assortment of Pride-inspired merchandise within dedicated Macy’s Pride + Joy shops and displays throughout the store. Rainbow patterns and bold colors abound in exclusive and curated merchandise across apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, home and tech. Macy’s premier brands—including Adidas, Armani Exchange, Art & Eden, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, COACH, DKNY Sport, Epic Threads, Guess, ID Ideology, Levi’s, Marmot Mountain, Martha Stewart, MICHAEL Michael Kors, Nautica, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sun + Stone and more—will feature unique product in celebration of Pride.

Live boldly with Pride + Joy! Buy our pricey “Pride-Inspired” stuff! Dedicated “”Pride + Joy” shops within our shops! We get it, Macy’s. Where do you find all those celebratory superlatives? But thank you for this helpful list of other woke brands that makes our shopping decisions easier. (Go to 2ndVote.com for others to avoid.)

Even though half the nation now tends to avoid woke brands like the recent plague, we’re grateful to better understand where you, Disney and other Woke Co’s are coming from. It’s a bell that cannot easily be unrung. So, thank you.

However, with all due respect, I must ask, is pandering to and exploiting a lifestyle in which – and I quote from your own press release – “45% of LGBTQ respondents seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year” – worth banking such hard-won brand credibility on? You were founded in 1858, long before “woke,” no?

Forging ahead through tragic suicide attempts and successes, your press release insists “Pride is Always in Style.”

But is such an admittedly conflicted pride-lifestyle so “stylish” that it’s worth throwing the entire weight of your once-family friendly brand behind, especially to a younger, confused generation in cognitive development who hear your incessant ads?

Speaking of the next generation, do you care enough about them or your own children to look up the synonyms for “pride” in the dictionary? I’m not an English teacher, but I’ll attempt help you with the top Microsoft Word synonyms in order:

  • Conceit
  • Smugness
  • Self-importance
  • Egotism
  • Vanity
  • Immodesty
  • Superiority

But even if you mistake such character flaws for virtues, why do you dislike your own children and other next-gen consumers so much that you’ve become the premier capitalist driver of a lifestyle that, tragically, too often ends early, according to your release? I shouldn’t have to point out those are consumers you can never sell to again.

For all your highly paid PR and advertising wordsmiths on Madison Avenue, your messaging is extremely confusing and counterintuitive if your aim is to virtue signal.

I’ll stipulate, Macy’s executives, that if “family” – where the deepest relationships are cultivated – turned out to engender exponentially more depression and suicide attempts, I would be the first to advocate that you not gush over it either.

But that does not appear to be the case, statistically speaking.

You and I both know you’re “cultivating” a much different garden that you may not relish the fruit from. Perhaps you might come up with a long list of superlatives for the traditional family next year? I’m guessing not.

There was a healthy dose of sanity from an honest transexual that was widely circulated this week in a Rumble video. The drag queen rebuked “woke liberals dragging their children to drag shows.”

“There’s a lot of filth that goes on (at drag shows), a lot of nudity, sex and drugs,” which is “not an avenue you want your child to explore or get them involved in.” That would be “extremely irresponsible on your part … and you are not doing the gay community any favors.”

So, woke liberals who are dragging your children to drag shows, I suggest you watch his dire warning for the sake of your kids and ours.

Perhaps this refreshingly transparent, self-admitted drag queen could address your Macy’s board in three-piece suits before next year’s colorful “Pride + Joy” shops are set up? (Or are those shops within Macy’s shops a permanent fixture now?)

In the meantime, please know many, many of us will stay as far away as possible from your department stores, where I once preferred to buy my own three-piece suits. And thank you again for the abundantly clear, megaphoned wake-up call to the productive half of the country. We will miss you.

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