'Yellowstone' series: Entertaining AND educational

Several friends recommended that we watch “Yellowstone,” which is a series on the Paramount Network. So my wife, Ginger, and I binge-watched 29 episodes (29 hours). Those friends were right. It is a great series.

The “Yellowstone” series takes place in Montana (but actually filmed in Utah) about a rancher and his family and the cowboys who work this ranch in today’s world.

Now, before you say that you don’t like cowboy movies/shows, you need to watch just the first four episodes of Yellowstone before you reject it. This series is as up-to-date as can be about the most controversial items in our society today. It tackles Critical Race Theory, the green new deal, vegans vs. meat eaters, gun rights, taxes, the deep state, corrupt police and politicians, oligarch billionaires who own our political leaders, personal property rights vs. general welfare and eminent domain, socialism vs. capitalism, how bad guys use the legal system to harm others and a long list of other issues.

John Dutton, the family patriarch, states that when you have something of value, others will try to take it away from you – coveting. Then the series demonstrates how that truth applies to property ownership, wealth, girlfriends, children, jobs, business ownership and reputations. It also applies to heritage, our history, our Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and religious freedoms, as well all those character qualities that made America great that bad guys are trying to cancel. Coveting. And as John Dutton states, this is not about what is legal or illegal; bad guys use the law for bad purposes. This is about what is right and wrong.

“Yellowstone” makes the viewer think and rethink about what is happening in America right now. It helps teach that “pursuit of happiness” means something different to each person and that limiting its definition also limits that pursuit for many people.

Were our Founding Fathers, men like Jefferson and Washington and Adams, more like a 2020 Montana rancher or more like a Marxist-socialist college professor? Did our Founding Fathers place any limitations on “pursuit of happiness”? Must my “pursuit of happiness” be the same as for you?

Of course, the series is also entertaining. A great cast is led by Kevin Costner. Lots of action. Watch Beth Dutton closely so you can understand why so many T-shirts are worn in the U.S. now that read: “Don’t make me go full Beth Dutton on you!”

This series helped us get educated while being entertained.

Around 14.7 million Americans are watching this “Yellowstone” series as compared to 500,000 who watch CNN. More people are watching this series than the total number of people who watch all the nightly news stations combined. Why? Because the viewers are being educated while being entertained.

Editor’s note: Parents, be aware that “Yellowstone” contains some sexual and adult content.

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