3rd-grade boys instructed on how to act like girls

(Image by Art Skoo from Pixabay)
(Image by Art Skoo from Pixabay)

This is just what 8-year-old boys need and want.

While they’re developing a network of friends, trying to make a baseball or football team, dealing with household chores and siblings, taking on critical classroom subjects involving sciences, math and language, even perhaps music lessons.

It’s how to act like a girl.

And that’s what a teacher in Naperville, Illinois, is teaching them.

The Dupage Policy Journal reports teacher Nick Cosme paints his nails like a woman does, so he now is “teaching 8-year-old boys in his Elmwood School how to do the same.”

The report explained the publication’s sources documented how the 25-year-old Cosme suggested boys might want to be known as “she,” and he read his class a book about a boy who likes “fairies” and other things “not for boys.”

The book, “My Shadow Is Pink,” is written to describe how a boy who likes to wear dresses inspires is father to wear a dress too.

Parents had raised concerns with the Naperville 203 district, and officials said they reviewed the situation and applauded the lessons.

“Naperville 203 and Elmwood Elementary have been made aware of parent concern regarding a book read to a third-grade class,” District 203 spokesman Alexander Mayster told DuPage Policy Journal. “After listening to the concerns, our administrative team worked to fully understand the situation and found that the purpose of the lesson was to promote inclusiveness and student belonging. The reading of the book, and the themes within the book, align to Naperville 203’s efforts to cultivate a culture of inclusion that values the dignity and uniqueness of each individual.”

Others, however, were not so supportive of a 3rd-graders getting such transgender ideology.

Terry Schilling, of the American Principles Project, said, “The only people who should be allowed to talk to kids about sex and gender are parents. Any teachers caught trying to groom children on these topics should be fired for cause and never allowed to teach again,”

Schilling suggested to the publication that Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a leftist who promotes such radical alternative lifestyle choices, ultimately is to blame.

He and “his regime [are] pulling the rug out from parents and empowering these sick agenda-driven teachers. Pritzker needs to go,” Schilling said.

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