666 and the Upper East Side

I make no pretense of my contempt for liberals and those for whom the spreading of lies and misinformation is an orthodoxy. These people are of their father the devil. They are liars from the beginning, and there’s not an ounce of truth in them. They exist to spread lies, discord and chaos. (See: John 8:44 KJV)

It takes a special kind of evil, i.e., a form of Hebephrenia (Disorganized Schizophrenia), that will be consistent with those who bear the mark 666.

Add to their manic demonism a hatred of President Trump, and these people should not be permitted to walk the streets without supervision.

These are the in-your-face liars and spreaders of misinformation. However, there’s another kind of divisive hater who is no less evil. That elapid is found draped in vestiges of intellectuality and covered with a veneer of political socio-piety that oozes “I know what’s best for you because of the university I went to and the section of New York my multi-million dollar walk-up is located.” The Peggy Noonan types fit into this category.

What these types have yet to figure out is that we look down upon them with even more disdain than they have for us. We see both of these groups flaunting their arrogant commonality in an article by New York Times columnist Bret Stephens.

Stephens referenced both his and the unmitigated arrogance of his kind with a claim that those voting for Donald Trump could not be as sophisticated as those at the dinner parties he and Noonan attend. He opined: “I belonged to a social class that my friend Peggy Noonan called ‘the protected.’ My family lived in a safe and pleasant neighborhood. Our kids went to an excellent public school. I was well paid, fully insured, insulated against life’s harsh edges.

“Trump’s appeal, according to Noonan, was largely to people she called ‘the unprotected.’ Their neighborhoods weren’t so safe and pleasant. Their schools weren’t so excellent. Their livelihoods weren’t so secure. Their experience of America was often one of cultural and economic decline, sometimes felt in the most personal of ways.”

Their arrogance reminded me of an afternoon meeting in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in which I put a particular senator in his place as he pontificated about what the American people wanted. I explained very matter of factly that he had no clue what the America people wanted.

How contemptuous of their kind to reduce millions of people who supported and still support President Trump to primate level for exercising freedom of electoral choice. Donald Trump is despised by their kind because he owes them nothing and he doesn’t genuflect to them.

They may have gone to Harvard and Yale, but Donald Trump graduated with his degree from The Wharton School of Business. For those who aren’t aware, said school is one of the most difficult business schools to gain admission to in the world, and it boasts the No. 1 MBA program in the world. They belong to country clubs; Donald Trump owns the clubs to which they belong.

We didn’t support Donald Trump because he was a butt-kisser. We supported him because he didn’t suffer fools and because he put America first.

The Jan. 6, proceedings are tantamount to trying to find a virgin in a Las Vegas brothel. Why aren’t Democrats investing as much energy into arresting those who burned entire neighborhoods to the ground in Baltimore, Chicago, Oregon, Minnesota and Missouri? Why are they not bringing to justice those who are killing, plundering and looting in the New York, Philadelphia and Seattle?

Before President Trump, politics and elections were dog shows and shell games. The winner was chosen in a back room, and in order to raise the most amount of money, the pretense of choice was prostituted to the public.

At the end of the day, the unalterable fact is President Trump was a smashing success as president. His detractors can claim what they want, but the facts speak for themselves. Read his complete record. President Trump is the only president in history to donate his entire salary.

I cannot conclude without addressing the lies of country club Republican elites and demonic liberals. Both the Marxian liberals and Republican elites have their proxies breathlessly spreading the lie that We the People do not want Donald Trump to run for president again. Hirelings from both sides are breathlessly claiming him unelectable. Both sides are using talking points to generate negative opinion and doubts regarding President Trump’s ability to lead. The nonstop attacks and smears since we were robbed of his second term are intended to make him unelectable. Both sides are doing their best to convince us that President Trump doesn’t have a chance of winning. The polls they boast have anyone but Trump winning.

This is the game of misinformation they play – the idea being that if they saturate the airways with falsities claiming he cannot win people will believe it and turn on him for someone who truly cannot win.

Writing for WND, Aug. 7, Joe Kovacs reported: “Whom do conservatives prefer to be their presidential candidate in 2024? The clear answer to that question is Donald Trump, who devastated the would-be competition in a straw poll Saturday by the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. The former president collected a whopping 69 percent of the vote at CPAC’s conference in Dallas, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 24 percent. No one one else was even close, as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, came in third with 2 percent.”

Were these headlines trumpeted? You bet they weren’t. I saw an article claiming a poll was showing that Biden and Harris would crush President Trump. Another had Ron DeSantis defeating him by double-digit percentage points. Another article claimed President Trump’s success in the primaries were a sure guarantee he couldn’t win in November.

I say without fear of error: If President Trump chooses to run in 2024, the only way he loses is if they find a way to steal the election again. I remember when Kennedy stole the election from Richard Nixon, and I remember Oswald, Jack Ruby and John Hinckley – the boy who attempted to assassinate President Reagan. Do not think for an instant that these people are not desperate enough to stage an assassination attempt.

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