A helpful idea for 'black national anthem' advocates

Neo-Leninists have corrupted what originally was not an idea without merit, even though I would argue it was always susceptible to corruption by evil men and women, looking to exploit the intellectually deficient for personal gain. I’m referencing specifically the exploitive shallowness of what has come to be named Black History Month.

“It’s fitting that the Circus Maximus of sporting events, i.e., the television audience viewing the Super Bowl, would be chosen as the target audience for social reprogramming. This hybrid paleo-cultural reprogramming is intended to further reduce malleable minds that embrace the heretical lie there exists such a thing as crayon-color skin. A heresy, I might add, that argues the summon bonum is only that which elevates the causes of the crayon-color people.

It was bad enough when the public was subjected to product commercials. But, in recent years, a nexus between exploitation, the Super Bowl and so-called Black History Month has been has been discovered by cultural Marxists. This year promises to be even more of a spectacle.

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Brainwashing the mindless, has by definition never been overly difficult if you could keep the mindless seated on a couch long enough. Accordingly, nothing says brainwashing and cultural denigration like Marxism, a mindset actively advanced since 1967.

This year’s theme for the 29 days of crayon-colored agitprop will focus upon African Americans and the Arts. Herein is the foundational necessity for Marxism to be successful. As Marx put it: “Keep people from their history and they are easily controlled.” This pursuit keeps people angry, because it is based on the mindset of zero accountability – and when held accountable they become enraged and more violent.

That’s exactly what the cultural Marxists of today are driven to do. The Super Bowl provides the national visibility to pretend their angst is justified.

There are entires towns in America that have fewer multi-millionaires under the age of 35 than the number of same that will suit up for said game.

It’s an insult to America. The truth is there are noteworthy Americans who contributed massively to our nation after having been slaves. But, it’s an insult the NFL is only too happy to advance.

It’s a fact that not every person with melanin prominent were slaves in America. Many came here well after slavery had been abolished in the United States – having been slaves in Muslim countries and communist countries. Maybe they should sing the national anthem from their Muslim or communist country of origin.

This brings me to the detestable idea of playing a bogus crayon-colored national anthem before the game begins. These demonic morons cannot have it both ways. The fact they overlook is if they’re to recognize the hymn “Life Every Voice and Sing” as their national anthem, then they’re embracing communism.

The hymn has its origin in 1900. It was co-opted in1917, exactly during the time that Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin and W.E.B. du Bois (who bore striking similarity to one another) were advancing communism into every country with melanin-dominant people. Lenin applauded du Bois for his genius ideas of turning “colored peoples” against “non-colored peoples.”

Most people who will be singing that make-believe anthem haven’t any idea they’ll be signaling their support for the boot of neo-communism on their throats. They’re to shortsighted to realize what living under Marxism and following communist propagandists has gained them nothing but misery.

Marcus Garvey followed Lenin and du Bois in tandem with his back-to-Africa movement. Need we discuss the fact Liberia continues until their day to be a disease-riddled, poverty-stricken, violent face of Africa?

The ignorance of these people is beyond astounding. It would be laughable if not so sickening watching people destroying their own hellish arguments. It’s kinda like claiming the so-called white man is killing your young people and calling for justice, even though you paid these very people to murder over 20 million of your children to date. But, I digress.

It seems reasonable to understand that in order to have a national anthem, you must first have a nation. A national anthem is the official song of a nation or country.

These people, in their rush to claim something they believe will elevate own inferiority, foolishly dismiss definitions and reality. But, I have a solution.

My solution would be that all Americans who truly love America and who want to work and contribute to our nation should openly condemn those who do not. I further advocate if these crazies want a color-coded national anthem – put them on ships back to Somalia or some other hole. No return permitted.

Of course, we could just section off a piece of California and let the lunatics name it whatever their heart’s desire. Let them start their own government, their own system of currency, their own justice system, etc. Let them govern it however they see fit. But, they would never be permitted back to the rest of real American.

We have all observed that these people complain and badmouth our America – especially those with bucket loads of cash, like athletes, entertainers, actors et al. – and the likes of the Obamas and Oprah Winfrey. These pernicious calumniators leave America only for vacation and immediately return.

They aren’t interested in leaving; they are interested pretending to be important. They want to be lauded and hailed as the second coming.

But, they’re too clueless to realize their kind isn’t viewed with applause. They’re viewed as annoying and offensive individuals who should find another place if America is so bad.

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