Trump revelations from Bartiromo sit-down

President Donlad Trump told Maria Bartiromo on FBN’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that after the drone strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani in 2020, Iranians fired 16 missiles at targets in Iraq but deliberately missed U.S. targets.

Said Trump: “Now I reveal it: The media was going wild. It’s strange, they’re very accurate missiles. … But nobody was killed. Now. they had to do it. … So they aimed the missiles, but they didn’t hit us. That was respect. We had respect.”

That was not all.

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“When we took out Soleimani, Israel was supposed to do it with us. … And two days before, they said, ‘We can’t do it,'” Trump expalined. What? With only two days left until the planned strike, it was now in jeopardy. “I asked a certain general, can we do it alone? He said, ‘We can, sir. It’s up to you.’ I said we would do it.”

Trump has never before told the word that Israel had once been a partner in the attack on Soleimani. He also talked about Joe Biden’s latest foreign misadventures.

“He shouldn’t even be talking about what he’s going to do,” Trump said. “But, he’s incompetent – everybody knows it. Somebody’s making decisions there. It’s not him. …

“When it comes to certain countries, he’s a Manchurian Candidate. He gets a lot of money from China.”

But most of all, Trump talked about the border fiasco that has finally gotten the attention it deserves from the American people.

“I think the number is going to be 18 million [migrants entering the U.S.] by the time he gets out,” Trump said. “That’s bigger than New York state. Our country is being destroyed.”

How will Trump solve the border problem? Will he use executive orders? Will he be a dictator?

“There’s nothing wrong with using executive orders. Biden is using executive orders all the time,” Trump insisted. “Four years, we had no wars, we defeated ISIS. I knocked out the biggest terrorists in the world. I cut taxes. I cut regulation – we had the greatest economy in the history of our country. …

“We rebuilt the military, developed Space Force, which is turning out to be very essential and maybe our most important force. … People though it was a joke when I created it,” he said.

Returning to the immigration issues, Trump told Bartiromo: “We’re going to have to deport a lot of them. It’s not sustainable. From China there are 28,000 people here. What are they doing – building an army? They are almost all men from the age of 18 to 25. So what’s that all about? …

“We cannot afford scenes like I saw two days ago in New York City, policemen are being beaten up by gangs of illegal immigrants, in that case from Venezuela, Honduras. We can’t allow that. Look, I built 561 miles of wall. I got Mexico to give us 28,000 soldiers free of charge. … and we had the best border we ever had. Now we have the worst border in the world. I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack, 100 percent. During my term I had no terrorist attacks, right? I had all kinds of bans on people that couldn’t come into the country. There was nothing that happened.”

His mind was fixated on China for much of the interview. According to Trump, we have to have an answer to the rising aspirations of China:

“Their stock market almost crashed when it was announced that I won the Iowa primary,” Trump said. “When I won New Hampshire their stock market went down like crazy. But I’m not eager to hurt China, but they really hurt our country. It’s not sustainable for this country to lose $500 billion dollars a year ever year. No country can sustain that. We let that happen because the people who ran our country allowed it.”

Will China interfere in our elections?

“I think they will,” Trump said. “We need to go same-day voting, paper ballots, voter ID and no mail-in ballots.” However, none of that will take place this election year.

Nevertheless, he’s optimistic about his chances. He hears things. He remains an optimist. One reason is he likes what he hears – like Mitch McConnell wants to endorse him. Sen. John Cornyn just did. “Everybody is getting on board.” They’re all ready to kiss the ring.

Trump thinks he has a chance to flip New York – and maybe New Jersey. “I think Virginia can be flipped, I think New Mexico, too, cand be flipped. And I think Minnesota can be flipped. I’m not even sure if everything can be flipped.”

He’s faced with 91 charges amid multiple indictments. Does he ever think about that?

“These are not indictments. They are Biden indictments,” Trump says. “This nation is failing. Our country is going to hell. And it’s an honor for me, any time I’m indicted for you, it’s an honor for me.”

Trump is an eternal optimist – and unwaveringly confident.

Watch the Trump interview:

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