Aborting Roe: 'Let the states decide' tack won't save enough lives

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Prior to the Civil War, slavery supporters argued to “let the states decide” whether to allow or prohibit slavery (mostly it applied when territories became states). They believed that was the reasonable and democratic “middle ground” between those for and against slavery. Their argument wrapped that evil institution in a democratic veneer known as popular sovereignty.

Popular sovereignty is a legitimate constitutional principle. However, slavery and butchering viable human beings by mass abortion-homicide aren’t issues for a referendum (“viable,” definition No. 1: capable of living within mom’s womb).

And yes, it is a scientific fact that a viable human being exists from the moment of conception/fertilization as an amicus brief (“friend of the court”) filed in the Dobbs case, now pending at the Supreme Court, by 70 biologists affirms, stating:

“… no current member of the Court would have to speculate today. The fertilization view is widely recognized – in the literature and by biologists – as the leading biological view on when a human’s life begins.”

We at PreBorn Americans United believe that Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization will overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, this June either by:

1. setting aside Roe’s “viability” rule, allowing states to regulate abortion prior to 24 weeks gestation when, according to that biological nonsense rule, a preborn baby is “viable outside the womb,” or

2. ruling that we, the preborn, are constitutional “persons” according to the meaning and intent of the 14th Amendment:

“… nor shall any state deprive any person of life … without due process of law.”

Sadly for us, many pro-life people and organizations – led by Mississippi (Dobbs) – actually make the argument in No. 1 when they could advocate for the position in No. 2 that would completely end elective abortions (those not medically necessary). See our criticism of Mississippi’s argument before the Supreme Court.

Some pro-life fundraising seems to assume a Dobbs ruling as per No. 1 because, the message goes, “the battle” will continue. We sincerely hope future fundraising includes a call to pray for the ruling described in No. 2.

If the Dobbs ruling allows states to regulate abortion, 20 or more will continue The Great American Abortion Holocaust, while proponents, justified by that ruling, will continue to shamelessly proclaim that killing the innocent is a positive good. “Slavery as a positive good” was the Democratic Party’s rationale justifying that evil institution prior to the Civil War.

“Letting the states decide” the abortion question means that about 600,000 preborn babies will still be butchered each year instead of 862,000. While an improvement, our national shame won’t end because we, as a nation, will be tolerating an ongoing genocide of innocent life, more than 63 million since Roe (1973) – ten times the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews! And we dare look down on them?

Parallel to the moral and constitutional question of “letting the states decide” abortion is the same question regarding slavery that dominated the seven famous debates (1858) between Sen. Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln.

In their fifth debate, Douglas remarked that:

“… in a Territory, the people can do as they please on the slavery question under the Dred Scott decision. …

“I say to you that there is but one path of peace in this Republic, and that is to administer this Government as our fathers made it, divided into free and slave states, allowing each state to decide for itself whether it wants slavery or not.”

Crucial to note is that the infamous Dred Scott decision did not create slavery but acknowledged and shamefully upheld what had existed long prior to the United States. To America’s eternal shame, Roe v. Wade actually created The Great American Abortion Holocaust, an unprecedented crime against humanity that has killed more than 63 million never-to-be-born American babies.

Directly applicable to the abortion question is Abraham Lincoln’s reasoning that refutes both Douglas and Mississippi (Dobbs):

“When Judge Douglas says that whoever or whatever community wants slaves, they have a right to have them, he is perfectly logical if there is nothing wrong in the institution; but if you admit that it is wrong, he cannot logically say that anybody has a right to do wrong.

“… turn it in any way you can, in all the arguments sustaining the Democratic policy, and in that policy itself, there is a careful, studied exclusion of the idea that there is anything wrong in slavery.”

[The Lincoln-Douglas Debates, sixth debate.]

Mississippi (Dobbs), a former slave state and the last to ratify the 13th Amendment (1995), shows a remarkable lack of historical self-awareness when it asks the high court on page 48 in its brief to “allow the people to address this hard issue,” meaning, to let the states decide the question of evil – knowing many will permit it! Does Mississippi want another Bleeding Kansas, the result of “letting the states decide” regarding slavery?

Read this side-by-side comparison of the Republican and Democratic Party platforms to see how committed Democrats are to butchering innocent preborn Americans by abortion-homicide.

Remember, today’s Democrats shamelessly promote abortion as a positive good just as Democrats did regarding slavery prior to the Civil War, thus, self-identifying as the subject of this verse from Isaiah 5:20:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. …”

It is abundantly clear for all who have eyes and ears that the same evil force is behind abortion that supported and defended slavery to the extent of starting the Civil War that killed about 750,000 soldiers and civilians. The apostle Paul describes the evil behind both in Ephesians 6:12:

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

See also, “Aborting Roe: Why abortion is worse than slavery” and “After Roe is ‘aborted,’ Nuremberg-style trials must bring justice.”

Although a life-long slave owner, Thomas Jefferson was conflicted. His expression of fear about the Divine consequences of slavery should be everyone’s fear today about America’s collective culpability for the ongoing shame of abortion-genocide:

“Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just [and] that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

With God’s justice in mind, we hope the reader, with those he or she influences, will join us at Preborn Americans United to pray that the Dobbs Court overturns Roe and Casey by ruling that we are constitutional “persons” deserving protection from the moment of conception/fertilization. And we also hope that pro-life organizations publicly advocate such prayer.

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