Americans now distrust and mock the FBI

In the wake of the George Floyd riots of 2020, public confidence in law enforcement agencies faltered to the point where some agencies lost funding. At this time of low morale and support, it tended to be Republicans who continued supporting the police.

Now, the leading law enforcement agency in the country, the FBI, has allowed itself to become a political weapon, and in doing so lost the confidence of the remaining supporters of police.

The federal agency, which was generally respected for the work it did, has now shown itself as biased and partisan, and certainly lacking in integrity, which is part of the FBI motto. Its persecution of innocent people and ignoring political lawbreaking on the left has left the agency at the mercy of the Democrats who corrupted it in the first place.

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Americans realize this and are putting the FBI on notice that a strong majority of the public don’t trust them. Things are so bad that when the FBI posted, “The FBI wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!” on X with a picture of a fire in a fireplace, people voiced their displeasure with the agency in the comments. Some were quite funny, but most were scathing:

“Are you guys burning evidence that could convict Hunter Biden in that fire?”

“🎶Inconvenient citizens roasting on an open fire …”

“You being unemployed or in prison is the holiday gift America needs.”

“Even their fire leans left.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Americans have lost all respect for you. You have no one to blame but yourselves.”

“How fitting! A Dumpster Fire.”

“Still investigating churchgoers?”

“Good thing the FBI is busy prosecuting grandmas who walked into the Capitol holding a flag on January 6th…”

One respondent summed up the general sentiment best, writing, “Everybody hates you.”

While it might not be everyone who hates the FBI, it is far too many people. A recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll found that 70% of the respondents were either very or somewhat concerned about interference by the FBI and other intelligence agencies in elections. Forget about Russian interference, more Americans think the FBI is trying to fix the election.

Slightly more respondents (71%) believe that not enough has been done since the 2016 election to stop election interference.

Of course, while the FBI has lost the confidence of Republicans, it has gained support of Democrats. However, it will only have that support so long as it is a useful tool to them. It is a situation of politics making strange bedfellows. The left traditionally hates law enforcement. Sooner or later, it will turn on the FBI, leaving it with no support from either the left or right.

At a time where police are regaining support because rising crime in their absence has shown that police are needed, support for the FBI is falling.

The agency once performed a needed service as federal law enforcement. Now that it has shown it is no longer interested in enforcing the laws of the land, it is showing that it is no longer needed.


This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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