America's deadly sleeping disease

There’s a deadly trypanosomiasis infection that has caused one of the most fatal forms of sleeping sickness in the history of the American political process. From my vantage point, I’ve long concluded that the infection is incurable, because with few exceptions Americans today live in a fantasy world controlled by the most godless and demonic siege by Mohocks in the history of the world. Even more egregious, the vile self-proclaimed arbiters of aristocracy have worked in league with public schools and mass media, to ensure an abundance of nepenthe.

Thus the American people find themselves in the final stages of the aforementioned infection, which is symptomized by inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, accompanied by personality changes, sleep disturbances and profound lethargy, resulting in guaranteed death, thanks to a symbiotically cohesive bond between all forms of media and politics.

The late Arnaud de Borchgrave passionately and elegantly argued that journalistic integrity had become nothing more than a de facto Pravda, the Russian broadsheet that was the principle propaganda organ of the Communist Central Committee. And, as I wrote in 2020, “he was right. The American news organizations are neither truthful nor do they subscribe to the moral requisite of ‘truthfully reporting the news.’ Today newscaster’s view it their divine right to make up the news. They view it as their duty to determine what you think and how to treat those they target.”

That being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, himself, stated with finality that the entire earth was under judgment and doomed, because of man’s sin and abandonment of God.

Which brings me the reality of this biblical truth. Every morning without exception I find hundreds of political emails in my inbox. I’m not lying: Only three of that quantity of emails from my colleagues and aggregators send me anything relating to God’s Word pursuant to the end times and last days.

They’re from my attorney, his brother and my long-time friend in Florida who wrestles with the immutability of God’s Word, but I digress.

The tragedy is that every one of those I’ve referenced with the exception of my lawyer and his brother, are committed to the fallacious belief that if we just elect the right person(s), things will be better. They talk about conservative this, that and the other. The most grievous are those who claim to be Christians but errantly believe if they support, vote and/or elect the right person(s), Psalm 119:89 KJV will suddenly cease to be immutable truth.

This brings me to the so-called church. The church has failed in its responsibility to the directives of Scripture. I expect the world, i.e., the unsaved and biblically ignorant to participate in deception, lies and willful fraud. I expect those who claim to be truly born-again Christians to be biblically sound, and that goes tenfold for the so-called church leadership.

Not one politician these people are clamoring about are ultimately going to keep their campaign promises.

Those promises will be forgotten within hours of being elected. The reason is twofold. First, the overwhelming majority of men and women running for office are pursuing same for selfishly personal reasons even though they’ll never publicly admit same. Their handlers will guide and instruct them in how to lie, deceive and avoid being pinned down on issues. The other reason is even though the person(s) running for office speak a fragment of truth with a fleeting modicum of patriotism, they’re owned by outside interests. Any semblance of promise keeping is out the window the moment the party heads become involved, reminding the recently elected how they got elected. They’re reminded that party money elected them; party favors were provided to them; in brief they’re reminded that the party leadership owns them. They’re quickly reminded that party leadership determines every part of their future political life, including whether or not they’re financed, i.e., permitted to run for a second term.

What they expressed to get elected is a distant memory. Their singular objective becomes getting reelected and to have that happen without interruption until they either get caught in a compromised situation or decide to quit.

It’s an illusion that we elect the president. The only president We the People factually elected in the past century if not since Washington, Jefferson and Adams has been President Donald Trump; and you can be absolutely positive the powers that be will ensure that never happens again.

Stealing elections isn’t new to those of us old enough to remember in detail that the late President Richard Nixon had the presidency stolen from him by the Kennedy family and their organized crime cabal, in 1960.

As long as there’s an apparatus called political party, George R. Kelly’s majestic work on Personal Construct Theory will repeatedly play out.

There’s nothing ipse dixit in what I’ve said. And, I further state without fear of contradiction that if the energy and massive amounts of money spent to elect and reelect godless losers were used to establish private Christian schools and private Christian endeavors that modeled Christ and were committed to furthering the work of God on earth as Scripture instructs, people would cease trying to prove God’s Word is mutable.

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