An indictment of Chris Cuomo, CNN and the media's false reality

By Matt Keener

CNN’s Chris Cuomo does not get to be the hero.

He does not get to waltz himself out in front of a teleprompter with his hair gel and makeup and lecture us about who to trust or believe. Ever. Again.

You, sir, are complicit. You are part of the problem.

And you do not get to call yourself a journalist.

You hid the news in the 2016 election cycle that was detrimental to Hillary Clinton, regarding leaked emails.

Worse yet, you told your viewers it was illegal to seek out the information on their own.

“Remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents. So everything you’re learning about it, you’re learning from us,” you said at the time.

It would be laughable for its absurdity except for the fact some people believe you. My own mother believes you.

“Everything you’re learning about it, you’re learning from us” is a terrifying proposition. It is a proposition that cannot continue as reality.

Chris, your network hid the Hunter Biden allegations in 2020 as your boss, CNN President Jeff Zucker, spiked the story in his morning meetings in October, revealed by Project Veritas.

“I do think on the Breitbart, New York Post, Fox News rabbit hole of Hunter Biden … the Wall Street Journal reported that their review showed no role for Joe Biden on the Chinese deal,” Zucker said.

Case closed.

With that backdrop, it is especially nauseating and insulting to read your coworker Jake Tapper’s tweets, two months later, that there is a federal criminal investigation into Hunter for “his business dealings in China.”

CNN and Tapper do not get to pat themselves on the back for airing a story that broke two months ago.

You have failed.

You have failed in your duty as a journalist, and your organization has failed in its duty as any type of “fourth pillar of democracy.”

You would – and you did help – light the world on fire for television ratings and political gain over the course of the last year.

“You see the flames in Minneapolis – for too many … they illuminate an act of rebellion and catharsis,” you poetically summarized at the time.

In the middle of a global pandemic – protesters really had no other choice, according to Cuomo World.

“The problem is what FORCED your fellow citizens to take to the streets,” he said. “And please, show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful?”

You let politicians and pundits foment and increase racial division. Left to your network, you would have the people bleeding and fighting in the streets for ratings!

And you might get your wish – if things do not go as smoothly as you have led your audience to believe they should be.

Don’t you dare encourage it!

Don’t lie to the people and leave out the part where you tell them that you helped drive us to this moment – with suppression of the truth, censorship of the facts and misrepresenting or mischaracterizing story after story.

When people are upset don’t leave out the part where you looked the other way on Hunter Biden and then looked the other way on voter fraud.

You sir, are a fraud. You are a paid actor.

Frankly, you are disgusting.

For what you do to the country and what you have done to the people.

You provide a false reality and false divisions.

“And I want to be on record to you and to all – as an American and as a journalist and as an officer of the court – Trump and his party are trying to kill our democracy with these efforts, and I accuse them of this high crime tonight,” you said of Trump’s continued legal fight over the election.

You, sir, and your network are a threat to the people.

You provide the gasoline and then stoke the flames.

You cosigned violence and capitalized on the worst of human emotions or fears for ratings. You divide the people – for money.

During the election, there was a moment where Jake Tapper and his cohorts looked distraught as they realized what almost everyone else in the country realized election night – Trump was on his way to victory.

Then the rest of the country watched an unprecedented pause – followed by circumstantial, statistical and firsthand accounts of fraud roll in – and you and CNN looked the other way.

Evidence that if we saw it anywhere else on the PLANET we would declare it signs of obvious fraud.

The BBC did just that in 2016 – with the African country of Malawi – where it sighted red flags that included “more votes than ballot papers issued, high turnout in specific areas, too many voters, results that don’t match and delay in announcing results.”

An objective journalist and a layperson could see the circumstances here deserve a closer look.

Shame on you.

You do not get to lecture us about morality or integrity or who is or is not a threat to our democracy.

You and CNN are a threat to our democracy, Chris Cuomo:

When you bring out your brother out and glad-hand him on television about a job well done with COVID-19.

When you tell the American people, they can’t do their own research or they don’t have a right to look at WikiLeaks.

Or when you tell your audience there is no evidence of voter fraud.

You and the media steered. Cajoled. Manipulated. And suppressed the truth. You and your coworkers have played on the worst of human fears and emotions with race and then riots.

You lied and actively hid the truth.

And now you want to talk about Hunter?

You hid this story in plain sight from the American people for political benefit.

You coaxed a geriatric patient across the electoral finish line because that is what you wanted – and you knew best.

It was not just CNN that hid Hunter, as Drew Holden and others pointed out.

It was The New York Times, PBS, NPR and the Washington Post.

They all killed the story.

Journalism may be dead – yet somehow Glenn Greenwald survived the war.

He rightly pointed out that “a major fight over the next four years will be over who is and is not allowed to be heard on the internet, and who wields the power to police discourse. The people who spent four years screaming ‘Fascism!’ ironically want the U.S. government and tech giants to unite to censor their adversaries.”

Greenwald is correct.

There is an information war being waged, ongoing battles over who gets to talk, who controls the dialogue and who steers the narrative.

The New York Post was right about Hunter Biden.

You might not have heard about it, fellow Americans, because that is what happens when news is censored or suppressed.

That is what happens when your media fail you.

The mainstream news outlets, Jack Dorsey at Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook plainly interfered in an election.

In the midst of the Hunter Biden story, Joe fielded questions about what flavor ice cream he purchased.

In Cuomo World, he is a hero to the people, his brother wins Emmy Awards and writes books on leadership in a crisis – and nobody is obligated to ask Andrew about funneling COVID patients into nursing homes or what Lindsey Boylan meant by her recent tweets alleging sexual harrassment.

Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and Jake Tapper live in a world where they simultaneously mislead their audience and still manage to save the day.

That world, however, does not really exist.

Matt Keener is a writer and small-business owner from Ohio. Follow him on Twitter and Parler @keenermb.

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